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Sure or Sell: Lebron & Bosh>> Wade & Lebron?0Bread2012-07-28 08:13:02
They gel way better too. Trade Wade for role players and release those bums on ur bench
Will Bosh be overshadowed in Miami by Lebron and Wade?0Iz2012-10-12 17:41:16
Miami ran for Wade and Lebron , as they are 2 of the 3 best players in the league (although I hate to admit to Lebron ) . But Bosh is only a third option . If he went to Cleveland in a sign and trade to Toronto were willing to do , would have been at least Scottie Pippen Lebron now he will be out and his numbers will suffer. At most could score 16 points per game because Wade and Lebron trying to score 50-55 a night together .
Which player is Lebron most likely to team up with D-Wade or Chris Bosh?0Demi2012-11-06 02:58:11
I would say Chris Bosh. If Lebron teams up with D-Wade in Miami they most likely won't win be able to beat Boston or Orlando because their frontcourt is week. Miami has no good great defensive center who could guard elite scoring power forwards and center and now low-post offensive presence. Also D-Wade will probably start to decline in the next 3 years as he is 28 and he requires the ball alot as Lebron because they are not great outside shooters. Bosh is only 26 and most likely would accept being a 2nd option since he is not on the same level as Lebron. Most likely Lebron will only be able to team up with D-Wade if he went Miami because D-Wade will most likely stay since Miami could get Bosh, Stoudemire, or Boozer. Lebron could team up with Bosh in many places such as Cleveland and Chicago in a sign and trade or New Jersey if they both sign free agents.
Okk so chris bosh. and lebron?1licia2012-09-20 14:42:02
Latest news is both cleveland and toronto are interestedin a sign and trade. That would send Chris Bosh to cleveland with marcus banks. Toronto would get Atwan Jamison JJ Hickson Delonte West and a future draft pick and cash. Now would that keep lebron? And do you think these 2 would work together? i mean its' a For every other opposing teams. What do you think of it? if it happens?
Why have people discounted the Nets in signing Lebron and Bosh?1Olga2012-09-30 09:54:03
As a fan I like Lebron in networks rather than the Bulls and Knicks. I think the Nets have a lot to offer than people tend to believe. While he won 12 games last year without a major free agent , I could see win 30 games , in part, Avery Johnson and the addition of favors ( he would sign for 10 players). The networks could add Lebron and Bosh , possibly , to go along with it, because Bosh has made it clear he wants to play with LeBron. Compared with the Bulls Bulls could only sign a player of higher quality with mid-level exception because the teams are not willing to change because of his contract Deng. Bulls literally have to have minimum 4 transfers at least. Also on the way there will be a conflict on the road between Rose , Bosh and Lebron because Rose arrived in Chicago with the understanding that it was his team and he wants to be the 3rd option and Lebron and Rose plays well with the ball in his hands. If LeBron and Bosh went to the Nets as a package, means his team of LeBron , Bosh is the 2nd option , and Lopez and Harris are the options 3 and 4. Also, while Rose is the best player , Devin Harris has a better 3 - Derrick Rose ball is a better passer , and Lee has a better 3 than Luol Deng. Compared with the Knicks Knicks do not have a base or a defensive presence at the Centre in addition to Bosh and Lebron impossible for them to beat a team like Orlando or Boston in 2 years from now . Compared to Miami While a sound D- Wade , LeBron , Boozer attractive package I doubt that would happen, Lebron wants to be known as the man of your franchise and wants to show in the final which is one of the best I played the game.
Why is everyone criticizing wade when Lebron scored 9 points in the finals last year?0d2012-07-16 04:18:02
Wade must be frustrated Lebron won MVP, he is becoming sidekick and bandwagoner fans want him to be traded, thats what happens when you team up with a choker. Lebron destroyed wade`s career and legacy
Why didn't Dan Gilbert push Lebron to do a sign and trade like Toronto owner did for Bosh?0Kadesha2012-09-10 11:44:02
At least if he had left Dallas that have gotten good pieces like Barea , Butler , Terry , and two first-round picks in exchange for Lebron . Since that option was not capable of Cleveland left with nothing .
Stephen A. says trade Wade and Bosh for Kobe and Pau?2ashtyn2012-09-21 15:18:03
If Miami were to lose How about watch the video to understand the full story
Chris Bosh > dwyane wade agree?2the awakening2012-08-11 17:33:02
Keep bosh and lebron, amnesty wade. Get allen/kaman and trade miller.
Should heat trade wade and bosh to the west?0Help needed2012-08-17 23:50:02
Should it be the Western Conference so do not hae to deal with them in the playoffs, or if you trade them to teams below . Obiously injury to the needs of commerce are made ​​the main enemy of the worst heavy equipment. Look at the bulls.
Heat will fire spoelstra, trade wade and bosh?2dp2012-09-04 05:12:02
This is NOT a superteam, its lebron and the others playing like crap. problem with a team with 3 all stars is they have to be CONSISTENT for team to be good, if wade is playing like crap he's a waste as he's been these whole playoffs. pacers are too big with hibbert who is a taller looking bosh. Offseason keep lebron trade wade and bosh and you can get unbelievable talent,cut miller, sign oden and let pat riley coach and then you will see a real superteam with lebron as the leader. Dont you agree?
Where will LeBron end up?0Alex B.2012-08-10 09:52:02
So the Cavaliers are out of the playoffs after a victory of the season 60 + resulting in a disappointing second round exit to the Boston Celtics. Personally I think even if Cleveland to Orlando in the finals of the Western Conference still in use. I really think LeBron is going, how it was not part of the team squad after the blow to Boston, for removing his shirt after the match 6 and throw it right on the floor, unless directly with fans and media about their future ... It seems. Question remains invisible, however, where LeBron go? Cleveland? New York? New Jersey? Chicago? Miami? L.A? Now a few months ago I posted something similar and said LeBron's best chance to start fresh somewhere and get the big endorsement deals would be in Chicago. The hardest thing to take a team is a great center and a great point guard Chicago has to on your computer. Now, when I posted this question a lot of people hit me and told me it was an F-ing idiot. So months later after the actions of LeBron, guys like Dirk and Kobe praising Chicago and LeBron in the search for a new coach, a lot of cap space, parts and draft picks to trade back to Cleveland and have a young group of guys leading one of the most commercial cities around the world. How can not say yes to LeBron? I know that some of you are going to silence the A to F-ing idiot mate what ru snuff?! Well, my test is, what I just said above, 3 NBA GM think he will sign with the Bulls, many analysts believe that ESPN will, according to U.S. survey and international for all LeBron sign with the Bulls. To make matters worse with my own opinion. If you say, how LBJ live in the shadow of MJ ... He never will. I have an argument to support my assertion. Check out the organization of Los Angeles Lakers, who have been larger than the Bulls have had. When Wilt and Jerry arrived and his time was up, Magic and Kareem did say ... omg can not live under his shadow! When Shaq and Kobe did just arrived ... omg can not live under the dynasty of the Lakers, Showtime past! Do you think Kobe thought to himself ... omg, I can not live under the shadow of Magic! he is a legend ... No, because 13yrs later, Kobe has built a legacy for himself. You can never dethrone Michael Jordan or replacing it. But there's always great coming and going in the sport until the end of time, especially if in a market like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles My valid points!

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