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This should not inquire about other people's wages?0Bree2012-07-28 08:03:03
Friend recently stumbled on to do the same work, qualifications or even a lighter than her male colleagues to get the salary they are much more than their own. The unconfirmed news that her civil liberties. ; / P unless it involves important trade secrets, or prohibit employees from discussing wages among any reason. That is because, if this be interfering in the company, which is contrary to the laws designed to protect workers. So, asking each other the right salary is protected by law, if you have enough guts, can talk about in the course of their work wages. ; / P but then again: most of us have the courage to ask my colleagues, by the side of staplers, while asking each other's wages. "It will cause dissatisfaction among employees, and this will only offensive working environment." A friend said, as an employee, it will naturally want to know everyone else's wages. But she also is very clear, this is like opening a Pandora's box, will bring untold trouble. ; / P This is a headache, is not it? If one day you find qualified rather than colleagues or successors to earn more than their own, you can do nothing but heartache in the side. Passion for the work gone, problems ensued - when they know the difference between each other, especially knowing that silly big sister next door than their own for a long time to earn the kind of frustration can not be expressed in words. ; / P Some people may feel that improving the transparency of salary is not entirely undesirable. For example, you just take over a job, look at the wage levels of their predecessors who seems to not hurt, right? In this way, what time should ask for a raise? When should I meet with the status quo? You will be aware of. "We will not only improve the transparency of salaries should also be extended to other areas. This way unconsciously, will be in between bosses and employees, and employees a certain level of trust," said this is a woman, in a non-profit sector, "if a lack of communication on some issues or is transparency, such as salary and bonus issue, it will form a barrier between themselves and ultimately will affect the efficiency of the entire company. "But she also acknowledged that to achieve 100% of the public does have some difficulty. When you know more than their higher paid colleagues - whether it is for any reason, you will not feel happy. ; / P; P but to talk about the wage gap, there are many reasons behind this. Some people may just joined the company first reached an agreement for future salary increases, some people may be because other people do not attend to participate in an important course, will get a higher salary. So, it is estimated but also because my friend will earn some reasons less than her colleagues. For the reasons behind her always felt she should know, but that possibility is simply negligible. ; / P
how to get more inquire3_ Curcuma resistance near 2012-04-25 08:19:37
I can update my website every day, but it's not every day ask, can someone told me how I can further investigate ?
why there is no inquire in these days?1Mary2012-02-24 05:34:31
why not look at these days?
How to inquire the local area network conceals the computer1~*!*rOcK*@nD*U*sUcK*~ 2012-04-23 20:47:49
I had met the IP of this computer, but I use a local area network to examine a tool (1.6 edition ) how you can not scan out? How to know to comply with that? Hope ACE is solved!
Yankees Inquire Cubs about Carlos Zambrano thoughts ?0Warda2012-10-06 13:57:45
Department of Commerce is concessionary manage put on record how to inquire, want to join in one joins in inn1Simona2012-02-28 02:26:10
Department of Commerce is concessionary management research to record how you wish to join in a lump sum at the inn
Seek the help of wages1ã‚‚ Memory 2012-03-13 23:18:47
Hello everyone ~ of ! I am a college student ~! I have a lot of money to my father ~ in the previous year had a subcontracting factory ~! The main project results has been a year ~ of ! What construction company in the field who do not give my father for projects ~! My father works in the package when all the family money to put in a ~ 1 ~ poor now is a good home! The family home had already collapsed because of the rain ~! But we can not do anything ~! Please tell me how I can do ? Weinan in Shaanxi , which co -construction of the County which county dry in Xianyang
When wages to employees, what to say.1Sandy2012-04-02 08:46:27
Like the words , etc., to encourage staff
Limited company of Shenzhen city Guan Jie electric equipment, help me inquire it is OK to fall please?0valua patterson2012-08-01 02:02:02
I took the money of 1000, be in Guangdong there, they say to want to pay the insurance gold of 2000, because be the thing of evade taxes, do not be at ease, must 2000 yuan! This is cheater! The company that they are above Alibaba is limited company of Shenzhen city Guan Jie electric equipment! Help me inquire it is OK to fall please?
Where can inquire on the net credence of credit card of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is recorded?1gopher2012-05-08 19:32:48
Where available on the credibility of the network 's credit card Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is recorded ?
google the new wages are generally much1Rita2012-05-30 01:34:17
google the new wages are generally the number of non - technical
How long does silver of network of industrial and commercial bank inquire the historical record in can be saved?1Calvi2012-05-01 18:39:36
How long does the money from the network of Industrial and Commercial Bank check in the historical record can be saved ?

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