[Shop] clothing business skills: to win the fashion color

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[ Shop] clothing business skills : to win the fashionable color
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[Shop] business skills of clothing: to win the newest shade of color is not touch a thing artists and entrepreneurs the use of color can create their own knowledge management features. This is also the application of professional knowledge to make an example of the results of operations. I believe that color can influence the client, emotionally and psychologically, the color can induce customers to promote sales. There is a very successful run boutiques, his colleagues said the owner of this house as a "master of color." In fact, the most impressive fashion color design. Head in the color as a means to store design, product management, employee training, and good business results. First, this store is very different compared to the neighbors, pieces of gray with gold decoration delicate, elegant and refined and rich Yong Jung, the door to a special girl, such as cartoons, like the statue of welcome, so that each one has to look at the transients in it, and that a strange fascination with clothes and facial expressions. Shop divided into five areas of color, red zones, blue zone, yellow zone, green areas and the gray area in black and white. Clothing from each region have formed a whole, the main colors, and in accordance with the display of fashion and season of this magnitude and location of the five regions. In fact, this area can accommodate five colors all colors in the world. For example, in red-zone models are dark red, red, red, purple, red earth, red, pink, purple, red, sun, red, Chinese red and others, and sometimes a touch of color areas are organized in a warm theme, color of light would be concentrated to make ornaments, sometimes arranged in the mood bright warm red, orange based, at times, especially for mature red roses and more. In the black area has black skirt, black pants, black socks, black bra and black print another school. The owner, in the arrangement of shelves, as an artist grew up in the palette. The same applies to other areas of color, with colored lights and sound, developed a unique method of color management. In fact, color is one of the most popular color in all parts of the world. Color business to business, the method is an important contribution to the world of color. Color is one of the most vulnerable people are emotional visual elements. A variety of colors and all kinds of people, has its own personality, tastes and emotions, but also have their own tips and symbolism. Table 4-1 and Table 4-2 are color experts concluded the Japanese association of color and color symbols.
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