What ended the slave trade? related questions

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What ended the slave trade?3cycy2012-09-10 19:35:02
A simple paragraph , or something to say and when it ended thanks: D
What is day trading and what is open ended and close ended Fund?1Andrew-please help!!!!!2012-07-07 00:38:07
What is day trading and what's open and close ended fund ?
How long did the slave trade last and was there ever a final count of slave taken from Africa?0Stuck2012-07-25 04:44:02
How long did the slave past and was there ever a final count of the slaves taken from Africa ?
How much space did slave have on ships during the slave trade?0marianna2012-07-10 03:28:01
In class I remember mentions something about 8 inches or so, but not sure
I know this ques is a little unusual but my wife and i are trading roll and being the slave and slave owner?0Math genius! Urgent!2012-10-03 20:17:16
is my turn to be the owner of the slave and the slave is my wife wants to punish her , how I can do ?
Does anyone know about slave trade?0Leste2012-07-23 13:38:03
i need to study for my history exam and and one of the topics are slave trade. so can you please type in all that you know about slave trade. please use words that people like 11 year olds would understand
Please would I know everything about slave trade?1x^y key2012-08-13 15:43:36
I need lots of detail. Like who, when, why, how, where, etc... Thanks guys! Oh, and im in year 9 and its due in in like a few days so i need the information ASAP!
When did slave trade start?0Carol Masters2012-11-02 21:18:33
as in when did slavery start, and who where frist to use this method of money making?
Are Barclay's still in the Slave Trade?0Ellie2012-10-05 17:06:42
Built on the slave trade was still Barclay exploit people with dishonesty tax instead of a whip ?
When did your country abolish slave trade?1Luz2012-08-19 18:09:27
1792: Law against slave trade effective as per 1803 1849: Slavery abolished
Is the NFL draft the modern day slave trade?2Shruthi2012-08-18 23:24:02
It's the NFL draft modern day slave trade ?
What should my family do with our profits from the slave trade?2choi2012-10-04 23:51:03
My family made their money in the slave trade , buy African Africains thier "masters " Arab , Africa , the Caribbean and sent to the Americas and sold for a huge profit . MedlinePlus Today our family is diverse including all racial groups , all benfit of the family wealth . MedlinePlus Do you think the white members of my family to give their side Africain Americans and descendants of black slaves in the Caribbean we sold

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