Einstein's personal letters, published in 2006 with a new book called?

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Personal letters of Einstein , published in 2006 with a new book called ?
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These letters as part of the first income has cracked at Princeton University published 10 volumes of the "Collection of Einstein." Einstein never open a series of personal letters in this week deciphering these letters by Einstein's stepdaughter Margot Einstein save. Margot, who had been necessary, these private letters to wait until 20 years after the death of his own to the public. According to reports, these letters as part of the first income has deciphered the Princeton University 10-volume "Complete Works of Albert Einstein." "Collection of Einstein", edited by u6234 u5B89 u5A1C u79D1 u83AB u65AF Buchwald that "Einstein's private letters, which overturned a general point of view:. Einstein, alone and immersed in the study" The love of Einstein, 1915, with problems. These letters focused on April 12, 1915 between months. Letter shows that Einstein's personal life and research work in 1915, was also at a very low level. In early April, a significant impact on the study of Einstein's first wife, Mileva Serbian physicist with two children, Hans and Edward moved to Zurich, Einstein married deterioration. In chronological order, the first letter is the eldest son of Hans Albert Einstein wrote to his father, of Zurich, Zurich, the letter asked the father to see the brothers were. "At Easter, you come here, we will have a father again - if you can with us, everything will be wonderful ah", but in the letter that Mileva Einstein u529B u963Bsummer to visit his son. Food shortages caused by war, so Einstein's stomach become more severe, this time in the life of his cousin, Elsa Einstein. In July a letter to his friends in positions of Heidegger, Einstein confided to his wife for the first time the idea of ​​ u200B u200Bdivorce. The letters show that his wife away, so that Einstein lost an important mathematical assistant, research on Einstein's general relativity in the bottleneck, anxiety and stress problems. Fortunately, in the winter, before the advent of general relativity, finally, "cocoon", published. No doubt, the Albert Einstein to see the contents of the letter shows that eight months have changed the history of Einstein's life and scientific development.
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