Who did Africa trade salt and gold with? What language did Africa speak? related questions

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Who did Africa trade salt and gold with? What language did Africa speak?0hehehehehehehe2012-07-28 01:04:00
Is the solution to piracy off the Horn of Africa, and now off East Africa, political or military?0stuck on this one ?2012-10-08 22:17:18
I am retired from the U.S. Navy and know that there are many viable military solutions such as designated lanes that can be easily monitored . However, this article suggests that the solution is political . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news / without
How to trade with Africa?0Pag2012-08-02 08:58:02
I'm working on a construction company and business. We have several construction projects in Ethiopia , Nigeria and Chad. We also want to export and import in Africa. I am sincerely willing to work on this. Any suggestions, as well as anyone wants to work with me?
Role of Central Africa in Classical era trade?0Faye2012-10-20 17:24:20
What was the role of central Africa in the world economy at the beginning of the classical era ?
Impact of slave trade on west africa?1Winni2012-09-29 06:13:03
Impact of the slave trade in West Africa?
How did east africa bcum part of an international trade network?1Jasmin Romo2012-11-02 13:07:03
social studies hw plz help me!
In Africa, why was trade so profitable for those living along trade routes?106Cyndi2020-08-03 02:23:58
A. Those who used the trade routes were taxed. B. The people living along the trade routes regularly raided the trading caravans. C. Food was extremely expensive along the trade routes. D. none of the above
Uncover in the round close: Bilk of finance of West Africa trade0jayanshu2012-09-28 10:47:01
Uncover in the closing round : Bilk of West African trade finance
European impact on salvery, religion, and trade in Africa, Mesoamerica, and South America?0Andrea Williams2012-10-09 02:08:30
I have to write an essay on the previous question , but my teacher gave us one package to work out that only affects Africa ! Help , please ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Essay question: The Age of Discovery (1400-1700) had a major impact on the overall development in countries of Africa , Mesoamerica , and South American cultures . Focus on trade , religion and salvery .
Is it possible for someone in West Africa to trade online on the NY stock exchange or the London exchange?2Very easy Math2012-10-14 12:27:01
Is it possible that someone in West Africa to trade online in the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange ?
How long did the slave trade last and was there ever a final count of slave taken from Africa?0Stuck2012-07-25 04:44:02
How long did the slave past and was there ever a final count of the slaves taken from Africa ?
T/T From Cameroon West Africa1Dancing Ninja 2012-03-08 20:45:51
Dear Sir / Madam, I just received a contract for Thai rice in Cameroon West Africa. Payment is 100% T / T before shipment and the commission is 2% after receiving the payment. But we need our documents as follows : 1) The original invoice PROFORMA 2) Bank details 3) THE COMPANY 4) copy of your BUSINESS 5) A LETTER confirmation indicating that following the presentation of our payment of 100 % you start DELIVERY AND COMPLETE THE PERIOD OF 12 MONTHS 6) SPECIFICATIONS OF RICE All documents by DHL to the Foundation for the Development of Central Africa ( CADF ) because he said it is the buyer. As before , get in touch with a western buyer Afrcia also asked us many documents and registration rate, but final stop. I know it's safe or not, when we send the information of banks and businesses back registered by them, because I first came to do business with West Africa. The name of your company is trading company Lakoma Cameroon , you pls help us see a company is honest or not. Urgent. regards Judith Wan E -MAIL: [email protected]

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