American airlines common stock. If the bankruptcy wipes out the common stock why is it still trading? related questions

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American airlines common stock. If the bankruptcy wipes out the common stock why is it still trading?1October2012-10-02 11:36:02
It seems that ( AMR) have said they have the money and forward projected revenues to pay all its creditors, and this is mainly about cutting labor contracts to Delta standards and reduce pensions. Keeping intact Boeing orders . And with many of the senior management have large amounts of shares , both common and higher. With Delta was bankrupt and merger with Northwest. What happened to Delta common stock during the bankruptcy and merger with Northwest?
Common mistakes that can avoid in stock market intra-day Trading?0Fay2012-09-30 02:41:03
I am a new entrant in the market , I'm making a little money in intraday trading , but at the same time I'm losing money because of the mistakes I make MedlinePlus MedlinePlus as used in intraday cash operating segment , which could operate in the segment margin , so I can minimize my brokerage of 0.75 % to 0.05 % MedlinePlus Now I heard this , I 'm doing intraday trading on margin and if the stock looks good , i make delivery MedlinePlus MedlinePlus can you list your errors ? MedlinePlus so we can learn and make more money ?
Do big companies have an advantage over the common person when trading in the stock market?4Lacie2012-11-02 14:36:02
Do large companies have an advantage over the average person when operating in the stock market ?
When will options start trading on (LNKD) common stock?0MEV2012-10-23 03:36:34
No options traded on any major quote services , and are not available for trading online . Is there a certain period of time after an initial public offering in which the options are not yet traded ? When will they be available for LNKD ?
What is the trading rule regarding the time between sale and repurchase of common stock ?0GypsyQueen2012-07-12 17:25:02
FINANCE: the cost of new common stock ?0Rimmy2012-08-10 19:03:03
9 . Asia Trading Company yesterday paid a dividend of $ 4 per share ( D0 = $ 4). The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 7% annually. The price of our shares now trade in Asia is $ 25 per share. If Asia Trading Company decides to issue new common stock flotation costs will equal $ 3 per share. Asian trading company type marginal tax is 35 %. Based on the above information , the cost of new common stock is ________. a . 26.45% b. 24.12% c . 23.00% d. 17.40%
How much will GM's common stock cost per share?0Mimmy2012-11-04 12:53:28
Currently , bankruptcy "old GM " part comes in stock $ 0.75/per , although you can not trade it now . I wonder how much the stock " New GM " s common cost after IPO
Tax Help- Rolling Common Stock to an IRA Plan?0JT WALLS2012-10-04 01:10:14
When I worked in a company for several years , I have participated in the share purchase plan for employees . Today I have still common shares of these stocks , and other actions that have been split as a result of these populations . However, the total amount of value today is probably around $ 5000 or so. Because there are so many small and I have so many statements , proxies , and so on throughout the year , really prefer not to own them and want to sell ... is all I would have to pay a fee and then be subject to tax . I have an IRA at my bank that contributed to from time to time so my question is : If I sell the shares at the trading company and deduct the fees and send me a check for the product , I can then deposit or transfer and renew this amount to my IRA , and instead of showing a sale and paying taxes on my tax return ... I can ? Defer taxes and show a shift ... and what if so and is now ( May 2012 ) this fiscal year will fall under 2011 or 2012 ? MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Common stock issued to purchase asset...?0 - In fact. -2012-10-20 03:30:32
If a company issues 100 shares purchased for teams , and the team has a fair market value of $ 1200, and the shares are actively traded for $ 10 , what should be the entry of my diary ? I found that the asset should be recorded in the fair market value of the shares , so it must record the asset as $ 1,000, but where does my go offset? to the common stock account ?
Need some help with accounting hw questions? What is the book value per share of common stock?0AUX 2012-10-15 01:29:19
First, MedlinePlus 10) MedlinePlus When a company reports both diluted earnings per share and basic earnings per share: EPS EPS a.Basic be less diluted. MedlinePlus B.Basic EPS would be higher than the fully diluted EPS. MedlinePlus c.Both never should show - just a MedlinePlus be reported. D.Basic EPS may be higher or lower than diluted EPS. MedlinePlus 12. On September 1, 2009, the common shares of the Corporation Maryland was sold at a market price of $ 200 per share. On that date, Maryland announced a stock split 3 for 2. What price can be expected to trade action immediately after the break to take effect? MedlinePlus a. 133.33 USD. MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus $ 100 c. 200 USD. MedlinePlus d. 225 USD. MedlinePlus 15. MedlinePlus Which of the following items are included in comprehensive income, but not reported as a component of net income? MedlinePlus a.An unrealized gain on investment securities available for sale marketable. MedlinePlus bA gain on the sale of a business segment. cA material loss due to a natural disaster. MedlinePlus dA lower of cost or market inventory reduction. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 24. A prior period adjustment appears in the financial statements for the current year if: MedlinePlus a.Earnings per share figures for previous years are adjusted to reflect the increased number of shares outstanding due to a stock split or stock dividend. MedlinePlus b.An mistake was made in the calculation of net income for the current period. MedlinePlus c. A remarkable result in a year was included normal results of operations in the previous year. MedlinePlus d.An mistake was made in the measurement of net income for the year or previous years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 26. On January 31, 2009, Village Bank had 500,000 shares of $ 2 par value outstanding. On that date, the company declared a stock dividend of 14% when the market price of the shares was $ 37 per share. The immediate effect of this dividend to Village Bank was: MedlinePlus a.A reduction of $ 2,590,000 in cash. MedlinePlus bA reduction in retained earnings of $ 2,590,000. MedlinePlus cA responsibility to shareholders of $ 140,000. MedlinePlus dA reduction in retained earnings of $ 140,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So Below is information regarding the equity of Reeve Corporation at December 31, 2009: MedlinePlus 8% cumulative preferred stock, par $ 100 - $ 600 000 MedlinePlus Common stock, $ 10 par, 500,000 shares authorized, shares issued and outstanding 120 000
What does it mean when CIT stated after reorganization, all existing common stock will be cancelled?0Leagh2012-09-14 23:44:03
Is this the first day of trading after filing for bankruptcy ?
Does anyone know some common stock number naming conventions used at car dealerships?0Sallie2012-10-15 08:01:56
I've heard of a place if you have a BA or C , in the end it is a trade in. straight numbers or auctions can be also the last series of num . the VIN . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Have any of you heard or know of any others?

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