Does trading a pokemon back and forth (black/ white versions) reset its happiness, or will it be like before? related questions

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Does trading a pokemon back and forth (black/ white versions) reset its happiness, or will it be like before?0stacy2012-07-27 20:11:01
Do you have a pokemon trade round (available in black / white ) restore their happiness , or will be like before?
Can i trade a 4th gen pokemon back from black and white to my SoulSilver, like my shiny Suicune?1Cori2012-08-18 08:28:28
I want to get the Shiny Suicune that was stolen from my SoulSilver by the relocater back into my SoulSilver from my Black. Once you get the National Pokedex in Black & White you should be able to trade 4th Gen Pokemon and before Pokemon back to Black & White.
Can you migrate/transfer pokemon from pokemon black to pokemon white without trading?2Kaeli2012-11-06 06:44:02
I have an old set of white and want to transfer all pokemon winning in black . Is there any possible way to do it without negotiating one by one?
Would anyone be intrested in giving or trading me a couple of pokemon in pokemon white and black?1laila012012-07-23 00:12:07
theres a couple of pokemon i want but cant seem to find. im looking for the following: Conkeldurr Sigilyph Carracosta Haxorus (or any of his other forms) Druddigon please let me know if you have any :)
Trading for Pokemon Black and White?0Ronasia Mcbride2012-07-20 12:05:02
So I just got Pokemon black and my friend got white but we got it the day AFTER the celebi/Roura event went away..... So I heard it was breedable So anyone out there willing to trade me it? Preferably a female?
Trading Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White?2Wanda 482012-10-05 01:12:02
Hello , just wanted to know how to negotiate a pokemon in Black and White . I wanted a Zorua but not sure if I have WiFi . If I go to my friend's house that has WiFi and talk to the lady on the right of the second floor of the Pokémon GTS and click , would it be able to trade ? Or do I have to set up an account manager , etc ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Pokemon Trading on Pokemon White/Black?0Moonshadow2012-07-28 09:33:02
Hello there Y! Answers community, is there anyone that wants to trade their shiny pokemon(only if legit)(i.e, no AR or anything like that). For trade I have: Arceus Deoxys Regigigas Kyogre Mewtwo Giratina Dialga Palkia Shaymin Darkrai Articuno Moltres Celebi Azelf Mesprit Uxie Lugia Entei Latios Rotom Volcarona Espeon(Shiny, basically only if its a trade up in shinies) Magnemite(Shiny) Eevee(Shiny) All the starters(from 4th gen down and tepig) Skarmory(EV Trained 252 HP,252 Def, 4 SpD) Tyranitar(EV Trained 180 HP,252 ATK, 76 Speed) Aerodactyl(EV Trained 252 ATK,4Def,252 Speed) Heatran(EV Trained 252 Speed, 4 SpDef, 252 SpAtk) And then I can just trade anything random from Pokemon White that you might want me to catch. I also have some other notable mentions but only if the shiny is really good.
Pokemon black and white trading pkrs?1Keisha2012-07-27 17:31:00
i have 2 legit pkrs infected pokemon still infecting on pokemon white in my pc and am willing to trade for event pokemon the three dogs celebi victini etc or any gen 4 or earlier legends my friend code is 0605 1991 4319 will be on for the next hour or so if you want to trade now if not post what you got and i will get back to you asap
Pokemon Black/White trading partner?1? お Νì Ruodianpouli2012-07-27 08:30:02
I have tried to use GTS, but there are a lot of rip-offs there. Like a lvl. 1 Solosis looking for a lvl.100 Zekrom? That's terrible. Anyways, I need a partner to trade pokemon with. Someone who is reliable and has a lot of pokemon.
Can one trade pokemon from black and white to black and white 2?0kahlik2012-07-30 18:06:56
Can you negotiate in good time in the game? or have to wait until later in the game to the transfer machine ? thanks for your time :)
Is there a global trading system on pokemon black or white?0rhon2012-09-27 05:44:03
And if not, how I can get and how I do thx
Pokemon black/white: help with friend codes and trading!?1dani.2012-08-31 23:09:03
So I'm new friend codes and trade online , so any advice would help. I managed to find my friend code and also add people codes I found online , but how do I contact them? after that , how I can trade with them and such ( WiFi or global communication ? ) advise me please, thanks .

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