How do you like my short story?

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As a young man I had always had a curious fascination with the dead, and throughout my life I have pursued this dream of mine to no end. My dream was to somehow find an Elixir, if you will, for the secret of eternal health. As you may well believe I was laughed out of the schools in Copenhagen, Brussels, even Berlin. But there was one man who offered to teach me his trade, his experimental exploration of the human anatomy. This man, whose name is now synonymous perhaps with the Devil himself, was the famous Dr. Josef Mengele. Of course at that time he wasn't working with Herr Hitler or his deadly Chimera Project, but this latter venture into the realm of fiction would lead to your dear brother's successful completion of his dream. In 1943 the Nazi second in command, Josef Goebbels, asked me to accompany Mengele, your brother Thomas, and himself to a remote island in the Hawaiian Island Chain following the Japanese invasion, under the pretense of searching for a rare jewel Hitler apparently needed for some obscure purpose of warfare. Three days into our journey we arrived at a cave on the island of Oahu, where Japanese bombers had attacked the American naval fleet. We were given diving suits, and told that the jewel lay in the sunken USS Arizona. I was immediately hesitant to enter the wreck without my guide (a local man, who swore on his life that what we were looking for was not a product of any local artisan or other gem-maker, although this assertion was a conundrum in itself because it suggested that the stone had come from noplace). Mengele joined me, and the two of us set off to find this treasure. What my eyes beheld was a sight no man should ever face, not even as a punishment for the worst of his sins; the bloated bodies of the doomed sea men floated by us as we made our way towards the safe room, and as I swam past one corpse I accidentally brushed up against it and all manner of sea life came spurting out of a rather large hole in the dead man's side; a crab scuttled out to see what had disturbed his feast, and a rather large fish swam towards me at great speed, as if he intended to devour me in that very instant. I managed to avoid the fish and the crab, and continued on towards the safe room, but my companion was nowhere in sight; I attempted to call him over the radio, ?but all I could pick up was static, but now and again I heard what seemed like the tune of some sea-chanty being hummed by a group of men. This I did not find unusual, because not only were Mengele and myself linked to the network, but the two radio-men back on the base-ship were also capable of broadcasting beneath the dark waters of the Harbor. Apparently the vessel had sunken into a previously undiscovered sea-cave because as soon as we entered the ship, all light was lost, even though we could clearly see a good five feet in any direction while we stood on the Harbor bottom, our feet slowly sinking into the muck. And now, here I was, looking for my fellow dive-mate and a gem which for some unknown reason held such importance to the Furher that he was willing to kill anybody who got in the way of his plan. I found the safe room easily enough, but I must have continued my search for Mengele for at least another half-hour before I gave up and began my return trip to the surface, when over my radio I heard a low voice chanting, "Silent lies the stranded ship, deep the darkness red; embark ye now on a fatal trip, for few are friends of the dead." It was then that I saw the figures struggling up through the muck; I saw them, with my own eyes! I have seen the Forsaken!

This tale was told to me by a Nazi diver the US Navy picked up in Pearl Harbor; apparently the US Navy was involved in a secret project involving finding an "Elixir" of eternal life, and the fruits of the experiments were held aboard the sunken battleship USS Arizona.
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