Indonesian Maritime laws are Inhuman!?

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Why the world is expected to increase the tab of Islamic extremists ?

If Islam says it's OK to give hospitality to islamisists determined to run in Australia in large numbers as our population has a trade group in fear as antireligious Islamascist do. So the only logical thing to do is have the authority to Indonesia to destroy completely empty pop unseaworthy boats killing Muslims in the sea? If Indonesia were not an Islamic fanatic hole to hell refuggee allowed to enter Indonesia Indonesia , why not just give a fleet of Indonesian islamacists dumped in Australia? We prefer to go to war against sharia law rather than defend it for humanitarian reasons ? Why I can not take action in Indonesia responsible for an anti-Islamic 80% negative opinion about Islam. It's really bad of Indonesians have a go at Julia Gillard, just because she is incompetent ? Julia can not help the fact that she is incompetent and if Australia decides he wants a dumb ***** that is the right choice ?

So look ? Destroy all rotting ships not seaworthy ? But ? Give a crew of Islamic extremists of their best ships. Successfully invade us , chicken liver with pig waste collectively and we will have a fair dinkum Barney illegitimate children of migrants fans hypocrites of Islam. Islam is not a sharade humaine his faith not fear or love ?

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