What advantages do most Republicans see in deregulated financial markets?

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Asked at 2012-07-27 11:46:01
Do they think that they personally can escape the consequences of using tax money to bail TBTF banks? How so? This money is put on the public credit card and somebody is going to pay eventually.

Other than for purposes of political spin, the argument that deregulated banks are not a danger to the overall economy is a dead argument and we all know it.

And the argument that a "robust" and unregulated financial sector is good for the overall economy is ,except for political spin, another dead horse. The money being generated in the trading departments of banks do nothing for the overall economy. That money is not reinvested in factories or infrastructure. It goes in the pockets on Wall Street.

So why do they continue to beat a dead horse?

Answer1KarineAnswered at 2012-08-03 14:46:02
bailouts are not a matter of regulation, but rather a consequence thereof.
should not be allowed.
Answer2ALISSAAnswered at 2012-09-24 10:13:03
Look at our government . Look at your total lack of knowledge and fiscal discipline . Look at the deficits and debt and see how it behaves when they want Congress to write legislation . They always come with a way or a reason to go now and find a way to go through it later ( and never do) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Our government has no business regulating anyone when it comes to anything related to finance. If there is something we need someone to regulate our government .
Answer3JadiaAnswered at 2012-10-07 02:51:03
you seem to have forgotten that the Republicans are now left of center so your logic is distorted , the government controls the money supply and the lack of regulation can be disastrous as dishonesty and crime is now endemic in the areas business and trade
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