Seeking housing wall decoration method wet peel

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rose - Ms. Sue
Asked at 2012-07-27 10:01:03
My family is the top, because the damp, the roof wall corner fading and would now like decoration, find a good way to let the wall do not peel. Before the plane had been planing to have a place and then add a touch of red brick cement, but not quite 2 years to thoroughly again, out of plaster dust out, get the house dirty, the property also solved many times, but still no good way of how leaky O ~ is not that tide, I'm sure there are good ways to solve this problem, is said to now kind of method, what is inside button, and then how to get the specific I forgot to request you advise , with good ideas I will add points ~ ~ ~ In fact, I think points are minor, the key we want to help others to be happy ~ Thank you both

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