Ipod touch 4 black worth trading for white? related questions

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Ipod touch 4 black worth trading for white?2Cecil2012-09-27 18:55:04
All the same. My ipod is old black and white will be new. Is 8 GB. Is it worth the exchange for the money considering the color
Can i trade my black 32 gb ipod touch for a white ipod touch 8 gb?1exclamation2012-08-01 13:39:02
for Christmas I have a white ipod touch (8 GB) , but I thought it would be very little space , so I turned to run to get the black i pod touch 4th generation 32 GB. but now I kind of want the white back and 32 GB is plenty of room for me. So I had the black and Christmas with some scraches on the back , but none in the front and is in perfect condition. I have not the story anymore, but still let me change my black 32 GB to 8 GB white ?
Can you trade in an ipod touch that is black for a white one?1Darl2012-10-01 10:30:02
Is it worth trading in my ipod shuffle for a ipod touch?1loretta2012-07-20 15:09:02
I'm about to go to the store tommorow future for Boxing Day and would like to change my ipod shuffle and get money to buy an iPod Touch in store for the future ... My iPod shuffle is like the 4th generation and it cost like idk like $ 60 .. if I can buy the iPod Touch is $ 180 tommorow for sale and I will lose $ 60 becomes $ 120 ..... PPL you get what I mean? but please help me
Is trading my ipod touch for this worth it?0HeythereDeliah2012-10-02 09:54:03
I have an ipod touch 32gb no scratches on the screen and can be traded for a Samsung Transform . MedlinePlus Is this trade worth it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and any other information about this phone , please post .
Is it worth trading an ipod touch 4g for an iphone 3gs oldboot rom?0Economics2012-07-23 09:09:02
Would trading a ipod touch 32gb for a ipod classic 120gb be a fair trade?2The Good 1 2012-08-29 10:40:04
which one is worth more...both of them are used
Is trading an iPod Classic for an iPod Touch a fair trade?1popcorn2012-07-30 02:56:57
The Classic is new. Not spamming or trying to trade w/ you just curious about how fair such a deal is
Black iPod trade for white iPod trade?2Antia2012-10-04 11:36:03
I have the black 4G iPod around March 2010 and run it, but not so good . The start button does not work sometimes if you turn it on and off, the application could freeze for 10 seconds, and more. It would be better to buy or Fry deal yet, so you can replace fairly new white iPod ?
Ipod classic 160gb (new) trade for ipod touch 16gb or 32gb?1vohn2012-09-21 05:05:02
I have a brand new iPod classic with 160 GB version and there is a store or person who would change ipod touch 32gb or 16gb . my ipod only small marks on the back of thr alone and works perfectly .
Trading in for a New ipod touch?1Rosa martines2012-07-22 20:05:02
So the new ipod touch came out today. And i recently just bought the old ipod touch, i've had it for about a week and its in perfect condition. I was wondering if theres any way i could return it and trade it in for the new one.
Trading a guitar for an ipod touch?0Queen D2012-07-12 02:45:01
i want to trade my 2 guitars, 1 electric Kramer, 1 Abilene acoustic for a 2nd gen. 8GB ipod touch is this a good trade?

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