Can you imagine what will happen to the world if ALL of us decided to boycott ALL forms of trading systems? related questions

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Can you imagine what will happen to the world if ALL of us decided to boycott ALL forms of trading systems?3D.Martin2012-09-24 16:36:02
Can you imagine what will happen to the whole world if ALL of us decided to completely boycott ALL forms of trading systems (i.e., both monetary & bartering system)??
What would happen if all currencies and forms of exchange(cash, coins etc.) disappeared?1shilpa2012-11-03 03:46:02
What if suddenly, all world currencies disappeared ? Take a step -by-step in-depth timeline , or whether human civilization could even sustain survival ? MedlinePlus Does the world are in a commercial goods? A simple example would be when Jack sells timber for cotton Jill ? Timber is sold for food and so on . Trade eventually leads to the exit that leads to the entrance everybodies everybodies . The weak and unskilled are screened society . And anyone who could not develop trade somthing die .
How currency rates are decided for different countries in world market trading.?0ANNETTA2012-07-03 19:41:02
Who decides the exchange rate and how?
What will happen if the banking systems of major countries will collapsed?1daniella2012-08-15 21:02:33
During the last thirty five years have been the most tumultuous in international monetary history. The shock then led to the reversal in the cross-border flow of capital and the price of that country
What will happen when the USD is replaced as the world's trading currency?3SWETA2012-10-07 05:55:07
What would happen if every country in the world started trading in euros?0ONEOFMANYBOB'S2012-08-02 08:20:02
What would happen to the US dollar? Would Bush have to invade the whole world and force everyone to deal with US currency?
Why do Conservatives World War III can happen despite evidence proofing otherwise?1Jackson2012-10-23 15:46:51
World War III will NEVER happen. Too many countries trade with each other; the UN has banned many outdated acts of warfare, aerial bombardment is now ILLEGAL under laws of war etc So get that into your heads *cough Americans *cough* WW3 will NEVER EVER happen; WW2 was the last world war and ALL acts of warfare used then are now BANNED! Plus nukes are on their way to being banned too. Warfare has moved on; aerial bombardment will NEVER be used on the USA, Europe or any other Western Nation. Plus NATO, the EU and the UN were all set up to stop another world war from happening. Also countries like the US and the UK have fantastic air defense so there is no way enemy planes will be able to get into US/UK airspace. The UK, USA etc also have a powerful navy so there is no way enemies ships could even look at US waters without being spotted. Invading another country (like Hitler did) is now illegal and if an invasion did happen the EU and the UN would get involved to stop a war from breaking out. Pearl Harbor will never be attacked again. When British cities were aerial bombed in WW2 (the Blitz); yeah that will NEVER happen again either. Plus China, Russia and Iran are becoming more and more Westernized so why fight and kill if we all beat to the same drum? And last but not least the USA (along with other countries) have nukes; that 100% makes sure that another nation will NEVER attack them; nukes are for protection; also the UN prohibits nuclear warfare During WW2 many cities were carpet bombed by day and night; that will NEVER happen again; the days of carpet bombing are long gone; humans have evolved since then; we can now sit down and talk without flying over and dropping bombs. So there you have it; 100% evidence that WW3 will NEVER happen; so stop asking the questions and go out and get stoned/get laid. PS - Carpet bombing is banned; there is no way to destroy the enemy's industry hence no war; guided missiles and ballistic missiles are BANNED! Plus Chemical warfare and biological warfare are also BANNED; gas attacks are also prohibited by UN law. Radiological warfare is also banned by the UN. There will be no such thing as a world war 3; that is a belief based on your fear. There will NEVER be another war like WW2 ever again. The world is way to joined together and empires are a thing of the past. So PLEASE stop worrying!
What are the forms of trading?1Miss Strawberry2012-09-15 05:14:03
What are the forms of trading?
Would would happen to the US economy if the dollar stopped being the world's reserve currency overnight?0tushar2012-10-26 08:37:14
The shelves of Wal - Mart goes empty during the night? DJA dropping 50 %? Mass Panic ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Imagine you were born in a family that made their living by slave trading, what would you do?1bamawam2012-06-30 06:03:02
Would you have been able to do the right thing? Why or why not?
How can i get the evolved forms that require trading in my pokemon white rom?0Kenya Ruiz2012-10-23 19:40:02
Im trying to evolve my gantouru to its ultimate form , but requires negotiation to get it . But I do not know how to trade using a ROM file . If anyone can help me that would be great . Im using the newest ROM and I have a white desmume pokemon black ROM too.
If I lease a shop and say after 1 month the business isn't been successful and I decided to stop trading?0mehak2012-07-27 06:09:02
still I have to pay the remainding in the lease for the remaining amount of years?

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