Length of six meters wide and ten meters of the house how to design ah? Anyone help me ah! related questions

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Length of six meters wide and ten meters of the house how to design ah? Anyone help me ah!0JoSue2012-07-27 04:17:02
Length of six meters wide and ten meters of the house how to design ah? Anyone help me ah!
My family had a homestead north to south and 17 meters, 12 meters wide, what a master who helped design a two-story residence0Potassium-40 has a half-life of approximately 1.252012-10-08 21:51:16
Southeast facing two ways . Require a basement garage in the basement , a layer inside the bathroom, kitchen , living room should be higher. Outside the iron gate can be.
Inside the garage door 2.25 meters wide and 2.7 meters into the well into the Polaris heroes who do not, please advise1Jaycee 2012-03-21 04:17:42
Inside the garage door of 2.25 meters wide and 2.7 meters in the pit to the heroes of Polaris that they do not, please advise
My house is 117.62 square meters, with the exception of about 103 meters outside the pool area, paint brush requires 18L of Dulux drums?0karishma2012-06-24 03:35:28
My house is 117.62 square meters, with the exception of about 103 meters outside the pool area , brush drum requires 18L Dulux ?
Cable length in meters of the incoming inspection verification1Holden2012-03-06 17:42:43
First, I sincerely wish all the people passing by, perhaps this is an opportunity, thanks for stopping through personal experience or knowledge to let people, I do thank you for the elevator, take a series cable production and processing, but the record in the production process, found that the cable provider to send a few meters from its current use is incompatible with a large gap between the cable and the number of meters measured along the track and found much less. In order to advance the prevention, the company was evaluating the test, authentication methods are: the interception of 3 cables, each 1 meter, measurement of weight, on average, the total number of meters in the weight estimated total, but each production lot of the thickness of the cable sheath in the thickness of the insulation, and there are differences, what the standard is difficult to be recognized, staff within the industry to ask if there is a good so that now takes place approach: 1, the weight per set their own standards, but with the weight of each batch of cable too, leading to a few meters is not accurate, 2, if the weight by 50 meters , or 100 meters as a standard weight to whether a more reasonable, but considering the production of each batch produced insulation, sheath thickness in error, the problem is reflected, among these questions, sources of industry and if there are good suggestions, I am deeply grateful to all the questions added: According to the previous answer, you probably know the cable into the production process can cause quality problems, hoping to give a more accurate, and actual operation, eg 1 for this problem should be how to deal with me in the future is to continue to take similar measures to verify or have new methods, 2, verify whether there are better ways to incoming inspection to verify the number or the duration of rice in consultation with the supplier of the acceptance criteria. Please give full support to the above, thanks
Order 14000 meters unexpectedly little 1300 meters of your letters?1Functions2012-08-11 10:37:02
My husband received the telephone call of a client yesterday, the money that says we will go out on December 10 profit of division of diamond of 14000 meters of Paris is especially medium little 1300 meters, can be you believed? I hear this thing the first idea is: This is impossible, do a factory to also have 5 years because of me, sent client of countrywide so much, still have foreign client, resembling such thing is to be encountered for the first time, also be not to say to give question in the heart. And he calls yesterday evening says little number already changed 3 times, is this why? He says the rice that is us counts inadequacy for the first time, it is little in all 1300 meters, my husband says this is impossible later, go in loss calculation in the process that pron yourselves does, he said to already was calculated, it is little that he says again later 900 meters. If be little really so much,you say this, he is early tell us. Because will be December the thing of the first ten days of a month, the likelihood end that December can discover, and how to meet ability and me say. Hind course of study he says rice number instead again little many meters 600, how does his rice count this skimp to you can change? Unless be I used glamour,just meet such, so I want not to understand very much really, if be I am little really, then I meet a meter not little fill to you on, if not be I am little, then I also won't give you one meter more. Everybody says to me, how should I do to this kind of client? With what is best method solved? Everybody gives an idea quickly to me, I do not understand how I should be done really.
A few square meters of 10 how to design small bedroom0kgram2012-07-12 21:37:02
Almost finished new house , my room is very small, only a dozen meters, but I would like some warm furnished. Members of the tiles , tile options, colors , furniture , area to give me advice. Designed to display attached images . I can not connect to other sites that ask many .
Skilled Bedroom 64 square meters to build a warm house3Josephine2022-10-05 09:41:28
Qualified Bedroom 64 square meters to build a warm house
My house is 97 square meters, we need to help me count how many under a variety of decoration material?1Horace2012-03-14 18:26:07
Includes the number of chips , the number of cement, or something, the more detailed the better, it is a plus! ! !
70 How many square meters of house paint brush L? What with the Dulux good?2Palma2020-10-02 00:18:18
General brush several times?
New house construction area of 138 square meters of renovation thermocline problem, help!1Kenya Ruiz2021-03-31 01:46:35
I am preparing a new decoration of the house , prepare a simple decor , the general market by now how much money can you win? ? 1, focusing on the living room . 2, it is the thermocline, the design studio , or a recreation area open to our family units are three entertainment areas. 3, the hidden design considerations . 4, in search of what skills decoration company . (Generally , people say when to buy their own materials and contracting) .
House floor area of 120 square meters (except the bathroom and kitchen have been), how much primer and latex paint brush finish?2Beverley2021-09-29 01:37:39
House area of ​​120 square meters ( except the bathroom and kitchen have been) , the amount of primer and latex finish paint brush?

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