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Trade Jose Reyes for Mike Aviles?2Dally2012-08-11 01:53:02
This is a spit of 10 teams . Aviles has better runs, homers and RBIs. Statistics show clearly Aviles has been doing better, but will maintain its performance? I would not have it take Avilés Reyes sink and then see red hot go and perform as if projected .
Should i trade away Josh Hamilton for Miguel Cabrera and Jose Reyes?0Zann2012-07-24 12:52:02
Josh Hamiton 's the best player in the league, but Michael was the first overal selection and Jose Reyes seems that the icing on the cake. Should I accept this trade ?
Should i trade away Josh Hamilton for Miguel Cabrera and Jose Reyes? HELP?0Tomisha b2012-10-08 21:34:06
Josh Hamilton and Jose Miguel . Should I?
Jason Bay, Chase Utley, Chris Young(SD-P) and Dave Bush for Jose Reyes and Travis Hafner?2lil tiff 2015-08-18 02:05:27
her head a person 10 to lead the league and I need more power and the SB . theres a lot of good pitchers FA and this is what . Also I have the option of doing this business and just getting Andruw Jones and Markakis to baldelli and bay. Can you guys tell me . my team is as follows: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C - Kenji Johjima MedlinePlus Prince Fielder 1b MedlinePlus Chase Utley 2b MedlinePlus 3B - David Wright MedlinePlus SS - Rafael Furcal ( if I get him im kings trade Robinson Cano to fill Chase Utley point ) MedlinePlus De - Jason Bay MedlinePlus De - Matt Holliday MedlinePlus De - Rocco Baldelli MedlinePlus Util- Howie Kendrick MedlinePlus Lyle Overbay MedlinePlus util- MedlinePlus SP -CC Sabathia MedlinePlus SP - Dave Bush MedlinePlus Sp- brad penny MedlinePlus rp - Mariano Rivera MedlinePlus Brian Fuentes - rp MedlinePlus rp - Jason Isringhausen MedlinePlus sp - Scott Olsen MedlinePlus sp - Chris Young ( SD ) MedlinePlus sp - John Patterson MedlinePlus sp -Adam Wainwright MedlinePlus sp - AJ Burnett MedlinePlus sp - Clay Hensley
Was trading Joe Thornton to San Jose the worst trade in hockey history?10Lorna2012-10-20 01:12:02
Thornton was a star player and a born leader. A player to build a franchise around, not trade for 2 average players and 1 chump (Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart, and Wayne Primeau). Do you agree that this was the worst trade in hockey history? If not, which would you rank as the most one sided and why?
Good trade? jose calderon and demar derozan for james harden?0adonis2012-09-29 08:32:02
Is this a good deal? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus first, the thunder that move or harden or Ibaka , since both financially unable to sign . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus second, allowing them to move to his natural position westbrook sg . Jose is a very good base that has been top 5 in assists for the past few seasons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally , I'm not saying DeRozan is as good as it hardened but still can replace his scoring sixth man . Averaged the same amount of points last season ( yes, I know DeRozan plays for a shit team so its easier to score ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think of this trade ?
Is Mike Miller available for trade?0Buck2012-09-30 08:23:01
Or is Memphis stick with it for the future ? If you hope the Nuggets make a move for him .
Fantasy baseball trade: I trade Ryan Howard, Jake Peavy and Chris Sale, get Joey Votto and Mike Leake?0Tillie2012-10-05 02:36:07
Thoughts ?
Trade Mike Wallace for Cam Newton?1Man2012-09-16 05:14:02
So a guy in my league has both Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton . So he's trying to get a top 10 WR or RB . I expressed my interest and I said it would take Mike Wallace for him . It seems a small price to pay for a quarterback , but I 'm not giving my best receiver . What do you think ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here's my line-up: MedlinePlus QB Ryan Fitzpatrick MedlinePlus QB Tim ​​Tebow MedlinePlus WR Mike Wallace MedlinePlus WR Jeremy Maclin MedlinePlus WR Brandon Lloyd MedlinePlus WR Jordy Nelson MedlinePlus RB Michael Turner MedlinePlus RB DeMarco Murray MedlinePlus RB Jackie Battle MedlinePlus RB Daniel Thomas MedlinePlus TE Tony Gonzalez MedlinePlus TE Visanthe Shaincoe MedlinePlus K Sebastian Janikowski MedlinePlus K Billy Cundiff MedlinePlus DEF / ST Chicago MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm in a 10 team PPR league . Is it safe to give my top WR Newton is a good idea? Maclin Lloyd and I have to fall back , but is this enough ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My options are waivers QB Mark Sanchez , Carson Palmer , Hasselbeck , McCoy MedlinePlus Anyone in choosing recipient think will work well the rest of the season ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
TRADE MIKE BELL FOR FELIX JONES?0Chrysanne2012-10-23 03:47:23
I'm basically in a platoon situation with Benson , Lewis and Bell as my RB2 options . I have Gore as my RB1 . No PPR
Should the Colts trade for Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins?0Sreeraj2012-07-27 15:48:00
I've heard the Colts are looking into trading for Mike Jenkins
If the Titans wanted to trade Pacman Jones, or Falcons wanted to trade Mike Vick, who would trade for them?0chucke2012-11-01 23:42:15
Nobody. There's simply to much bulls-t and baggage associated with criminals to bring them into a team environment and expect them to contribute to a successful organization. Then why would a NHL team go out and get a high salary player, who ended up playing on the 4th line last year, despite having the opportunity to play on the top line with the league's best scoring combo. Yes, they were probably pushed into the acquisition if they wanted the other part of the deal, but still everybody with half a brain cell can see how much they overpaid in future assets for a goalie who still needs to prove himself as a NHL starter and basically a big, fat high priced distraction. Because of stupid management, this organization will not win the Cup in the near future, and they should build towards a younger team that might have a chance to win 5 years from now. Well, we all know that's not happening. At least they have idiot fans who shell out money at all costs to watch crap. Why even try to win?

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