I Cant trade on Fifa ultimate team to other players.? related questions

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I Cant trade on Fifa ultimate team to other players.?0Ricarda2012-07-27 02:14:03
It says ''Sorry this offer couldnt be submitted as fut only allows trading between friends.''
Fifa 12 messi and ronaldo fifa ultimate team givaways?0Jeannie2012-10-05 09:54:29
like this page on facebook to narrow givaways witch being scammed impossible to share and trade discutions givaways and FUT 12
My fifa 12 ultimate team freezes my xbox when i go on ultimate team?0Mentally2012-07-15 16:12:02
I can not get on my ultimate team , which is available on the Web application and can trade my things (which would take years of age), but because I can not enter the final team I can not reset my club and trade again my main account .. ...... Can anyone help
Is it possible to trade between xbox and ps3 on fifa ultimate team on computer app?1Hela2012-09-08 07:52:02
This line is for Ultimate Team online application
Fifa 09 Ultimate Team?????????????/?0Sammyg2012-09-24 11:20:03
I downloaded the UT and bought some packets and sent some letters to trade , but that did not sell and now they say expired and I want them in my collection now presence was not sold but there is no option to put in the collection and dosent appear trade pile so do not know how to put them in the collection? and I have 360. thanks for your help
Best fifa 12 ultimate team choice?0patti2012-07-24 09:54:02
Hello, I have a Barclays PL right now and my starters are: 4-3-2-1=Evra(85)-Ferdinand(87)-Kompany(8
How to make money on fifa 12 ultimate team?0Thomas S.2012-08-09 00:29:01
so I have 25k in my Fut, but can anyone tell me any way I can do more like what players are good for trade or players looking for
What is the best fifa 12 ultimate team coin generator for xbox?0Ecs2012-07-31 23:18:54
my trade profit is really bad, my team i really bad and i need coins! any good coin generators that still work?
If a NBA team traded all their current players for future draft picks and brought back these retired players:?0magpie2012-10-04 05:19:09
players to play as they are now ( not hypothetical " at its best " ) , but as they are now able to play , how well do you think the team would do, they would make the playoffs and if so far you go . < Br > MedlinePlus Magic Johnson MedlinePlus Larry Bird MedlinePlus Isaiah Thomas MedlinePlus Charles Barkley MedlinePlus David Robinson MedlinePlus Hakeem Olajowan MedlinePlus Reggie Miller MedlinePlus Michael Jordan MedlinePlus Alex English MedlinePlus Chris Webber MedlinePlus John Stockton MedlinePlus Karl Malone MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say any team in the East or the West consists of the following 12 players on their roster next year in this current age . ( can work to get in shape , though) How do you think that would be making the playoffs , how far would they go?
Is anyone willing to trade me ghost linemen in Madden Ultimate Team?0Mortime2012-07-30 08:10:02
I need the ghost players to complete my collection. I need ghost Tauscher RT Packers, Olin Kreutz C Bears, and Bryant McKinnie LT Vikings. I have super bowl Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham, Ghost Jason Taylor, AP Winner Von Miller, Pro Bowl Jay Ratliff, 83 overall Robert Griffin III, and (2) 85 overall Andrew Luck to trade. I also have coins if you just want to sell the card out right.
Is it possible for your team to trade for other players in my player for nba 2k12?0Aubrey2012-10-10 07:09:18
my player is on the kings and the rumor mill says that kings could make trade for JJ Redick . I know that does not mean it will happen , but it is possible that your team to trade for other players
Lakers, Rockets, Wolves: Ultimate 3-Team Blockbuster Trade Idea?0Alarice2012-07-22 18:53:02
Lakers send: Gasol, Blake, future 2nd round pick Receive: Lowry, Beasley (S&T), Lee (S&T) Sign KG. Resign Sessions, Hill and Barnes. Rockets send: Lowry, Martin, Lee (S&T) Receive: Gasol, Blake Sign Mayo. Resign Camby. Wolves send: Beasley (S&T) Receive: Martin, Laker's future 2nd round pick Waive Webster. Resign Randolph Wolves PG: Rubio | Barea | Ridnour SG: Martin | Ellington SF: Williams | Budinger PF: Love | Randolph C: Pekovic | Milicic Rockets PG: Dragic | Blake SG: Mayo | Lamb SF: Parsons | White | Morris PF: Scola | Jones C: Gasol | Camby | Smith Lakers PG: Lowry | Sessions SG: Bryant | Lee | Goudelock SF: Peace | Ebanks | Barnes PF: KG | Beasley | McRoberts C: Bynum | Hill

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