Was cheated by cheater, how to check the real name that goes up in Alibaba to her to register a data to call the police next? related questions

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Was cheated by cheater, how to check the real name that goes up in Alibaba to her to register a data to call the police next?1Mavis2012-01-20 04:48:43
I was cheated 2144 yuan. Make water not wet. Payment of goods is with the bank drawing machine Zhang turns the means of past successes. Agriculture too travel date is 4687817 **** Zhang * 622 desert property after payment of past successes , one day , someone calls me the delivery of goods is deserted member * profess , goods arrive Chengdu. Let me talk to the media bank for 5,000 yuan Zhang earnest money to the company , just give me deliver goods . You're not following me to say a deposit at that time abandoned calls to * my horse, she says she forgets to tell me , I want to leave money to your account, I am willing, let me give refund, also agreed at that time, the reckoning that the company's final new mole , remove the ability of me , but suddenly went online yesterday, Alibaba and store the files were canceled. But her real name is Alibaba records , how to verify the actual name is on Alibaba to it to register a database to call the police to come? The person who was still deceived by it can lead to persecution then together jointly fund demand is deceived . I just called it, your phone still , tell me that his shop was closed , he still insists that you spend without adding, continue to deceive people. Plant this cheat, you take the exit to find any really?
Question: How to verify the company data of trading customer (capitals, official register data, web site)?2Kamilah2012-11-04 03:35:02
We Yunding Leather Co. ( http://yunding1.com/ ). To locate our customners potential overseas , we have a problem of verifying whether it is in contact is a fraud - a real customer or client . Pls be so kind to advice " . How to verify the data of the company business customers ( capital , official data registration , website , address , telephone number) , customers can be in the U.S., Germany, Korea, Japan , China , India , Egypt , in the middle . this , so Is there a website that could be used to do the work for verification or credit check ?
I register Alibaba to before long a lady calls the representative that says she is Alibaba. True?1Bryna2012-03-26 22:55:14
I can record Alibaba soon call a woman representative said that is Alibaba. Is that true?
Cheater still is cheated on the net, how should my company do now?1Jane2012-03-26 22:46:27
My company is essential to November 02 emergency purchase products from a lot of the chemical industry (after the signing of the charter business , exchange and fitness according to all programs ), then my company is striking advances to give the manufacturer, the manufacturer of the missing person , call not received, after be being closed mirrorred Alibaba 's website cheater company , the company ** Guangxi chemical industry is still deceived the network now. How should my company and I apologize ? ( Had registered for the case of public security service , but did not react )
How to if was cheated by cheater website,do1pizzadue 2012-04-06 07:10:19
How else was fooled by the website cheat, it
When payment for goods had collected two days to call me to receive money, call however tell me to hand in money to do again even it is OK to keep gift pick up the goods. How should I do? Call the police?1Kindergarten ↘ 2012-06-26 19:33:02
I ordered the beautiful song HD900MP4 (8G ) 54 phase was 10,800 yuan Qian Hui gives me to call later that day by saying that the property has been sent. Turn one two-day meeting to inform that I will receive money. He spent two days a person calls me calls me to receive money in the past , the unit continued calls me once again the demand that will give 11,000 yuan said bail is formally say ! Shenzhen will hear incorrect call to say this, as he began to say that even without this , hit the past again a bit too much, while Shenzhen also said it too . That what I find to be deceived, is to see every person in the sincere start card connects it should be no problem now seems truly such circumstances should immediately call the police, still in contact with the connection that there new?
Check a factory or company to whether have legally register2Danielle2012-05-28 18:19:47
I understand a factory or company if they are in industry and commerce or duty Wu register, either go to check on legal
207. Police, Patrol, Interpol, the prison guards, traffic police, judicial police, special police, etc. What is the difference? Violation problem1Danie2012-02-25 02:23:26
207. The police patrol , Interpol, the prison guards , traffic police , judicial police, special police, etc. What is the difference? violation problem
Who knows Interpol, the traffic police, special police, armed police, railway police departments belong? Details of the violation problem1Matthe2012-04-05 09:04:45
Who knows the Interpol, the traffic police , special police, armed police, the railway police departments belong ? The details of the rape problem
i get cheated in alibaba.com2Valentina2012-05-25 20:29:17
the person in India , the state of Jharkhand cheated me taking Rs 10,000 payment from me ... payment after not responding to my emails , and turned off his mobile phone .. iam also from India , Hyderabad / / / / / .. .. please help me .... I had their full bank details , addresses and proof of payment ..... please help me .. my no.9533788201
So how many have been cheated to whether Alibaba0Cvan2012-07-30 19:08:55
Alibaba see how deceived just do not care that no matter how depressed to have this platform now also hate hate myself
In Alibaba wholesale net was cheated how to do1Christophe2012-02-06 03:02:40
After taking the money out of my cancellation , the connection is less than one person, the phone also can not be put through

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