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Roman discussion question...?0hmmmm2012-07-27 01:13:03
How was the Roman world shaped by trade? Discuss the implications of the Mediterranean as mare nostrum. How did trade work to bring the Roman world together? ... I said that trade routes were benificial for imports and exports, and they needed to transport their well equipped army. I'm kind of stuck on the question about the Mediterrenean, I'm not exactly sure how it affected roman society; ideas please? Thanks [;
Phoenician and Roman bloodline?2ESLstudent2015-10-30 23:57:07
My mother is from Lebanon , and has Phoenician blood . Chances are she would not also have Roman , because the Phoenicians and Romans traded much . They also shared the habits , customs and culture dissemination . You may have at least one great great great great grandfather or mother Roman . Please answer my question.
Custom Roman Blinds In London1DavidCathey2016-07-24 23:04:32
Why House Couturier as curtain maker in west London are more preffered above others?
Most people in the Roman Empire made a living by..?1Ellen Kho2012-08-27 14:39:02
A.working Agricultural Research , USDA gu MedlinePlus B.serving in the army MedlinePlus MedlinePlus D.farming PLEASE HELP ! MedlinePlus Another? please help MedlinePlus All these made ​​it easier to move and trade throughout the empire SAVED! MedlinePlus R. The building of roads . MedlinePlus B. The creation of a uniform system of weights and measures . MedlinePlus C. The eruption of Vesuvius . MedlinePlus D. The acceptance of a common currency . MedlinePlus ANSWER WHETHER YOU RECEIVE best answer . !
Why did the decline of the Roman Empire lead to the Dark Ages?0Gabby ( 5 grade)2012-08-07 19:09:02
I do not understand why the populations of Western Europe declined , literacy declined , reduced international trade, etc. after the Romans ceased to rule the Western Europe.
How do you think of the gift industry? Welcome to the discussion12012-01-07 18:41:06
How do you think of the gift industry ? Welcome to talk about the gifts in the industry today with the following characteristics : 1 , small companies are more than barriers to entry and gift industry is relatively low, the cost is not high, only a few people will be able to operate , so that small businesses involved in the gift industry in particular. Two, most gift company is essentially doing the bulk of the company gift shop is based on customer demand , through suppliers to offer products produced after that a product may have to go through several hands, to reach the final customer's hands , invisible rising costs . 3, the intense competition in the market sector of small businesses because a lot of gifts, including the means adopted to reduce prices for customers, resulting in lower prices, the vicious circle of low quality, so the gift industry more competitive. 4, the gift industry , many types of products is not an exaggeration to say that almost all products can be presented as a gift. Big, small , high end , low quality and all aspects of the coverage is very broad. 5, the product launch requirements of rapid new and strange . The gifts are given away, and give to be able to attract the same time , people have a sense of curiosity, so that the product must have the characteristics , frequency of update should be quick to seize the market ahead of its competitors. 6, the industry does not work the gift industry is not standardized because the formal introduction of industry standards , so that in the course of the operation , many will not industry standard practices .
Discussion and sales of HID group, are interested please add ~7Marti2019-07-10 00:02:36
Guangzhou HID Group: 24590631
Discussion is completed, close the post1Rosemary2012-03-04 17:21:33
Discussion is completed near the subsequent discussion is completed, close the post
Discussion - Management of clothing licensee0shaun2012-07-14 21:37:02
Discussion - Management of clothing licensee
Discussion: gift box Production Notes1⿴ 亼 said _X Ba 2011-12-28 20:10:14
Discussion: The gift box Production Notes 1, so that the plate, and now pay attention to the appearance of a beautiful beautiful gift box, so the production version of the color is very varied, often not only a style gift box with four basic colors and multiple spot colors such as gold, silver is all colors. Two, the choice of paper bag gift wrap are usually copper and copper matte double role to do, the weight is usually 128g, 105g, 157g bag, small gift wrap will be more than 200 grams, as a thick packet of bubble wrap boxes easy to assemble, and looks very dull appearance. Laminate is based on customer needs to select the appropriate double gray paper, commonly known as cardboard or chipboard. 3, printing, gift box package is the only printing paper, laminated print is, at best, a stain, because the gift is the box packaging printing needs of high technology, the difference taboo color, stain, Black version of the aesthetic shortcomings of these effects. 4, the surface treatment, gift paper bags tend to surface treatment, it is very common plastic optical plastic matt UV varnish over the oil too silly. 5, beer, beer is more important in the printing process, almost the beer should punch for accurate, is not allowed if the beer, the beer at hand, which will affect the beer processing continuous monitoring. 6, mounted, usually mounted after printing the first beer, but only after the first beer donation is mounted, a fear of smudging the paper package, and second, pay attention to the boxes general appearance, gift boxes must be handmade paper mount, that to reach a certain appearance. 7, the latter is the blow by blow, no punch to clean the surface of the tail, then you can deliver the package. More
Discussion: The peak season for toy sales is generally when?1Crimson Fart 2012-01-02 04:27:27
Discussion : The peak season for toy sales generally , when? As the title
Ideological emancipation of marketing articles [discussion]1hyena, hyaena2012-02-01 21:48:45
Ideological emancipation marketing items [discussion ] Now in the sales industry with a lot of people think, business is becoming more difficult? The client's money and won? We had a visit from a stranger , fax , telephone marketing , the Internet era , network marketing , blog marketing, email marketing and other methods of marketing or use of the cross and so on. Some people are very easy to find potential customers and the success rate is very high, while others , however , pay much, but the performance is unsatisfactory , the reasons here, where? Faced with increasingly fierce competition and the division of labor finer the largest market conditions , how can we effectively maintain , and good cooperation between the old clients, and to open more and more valuable for new customers or potential customers? Youyi ways to implement more effective ways in which ? Welcome to the Friends of ! You can discuss your experience and expertise in marketing, you can also share a deeper impression of a typical case , success, success can be as long as they give people the inspiration! This post has been edited on 08/04/2008 13:28:22

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