E-mail advertising the basic skills you Know?

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Here are six issues for email and online advertising is very important in terms of classified advertising, though only basic skills only. 1, the spell check is almost no description of a basic problem, but, incredibly, in the many ads I see are varying degrees of the phenomenon of spelling errors, this gives The feeling is not professional. Therefore, the best choice for relatively quiet surroundings and concentrate on writing your ad, when, after a double check and correct before we paste the contents of the advertisement to the advertising area, or e-mail. Also, send yourself an e-mail advertisements to be issued, so that both can be further checked, as well as the information can be stored in their mailbox. 2, click on the Email address with the URLs to add "http://" as the reason, the user can click for the best in the Email address preceded by "mailto:", to provide users with convenient and perhaps the opportunity to in the them. If both the URL and Email address included in the ad, it would be best, but, for users to easily select, you can use "and / or" way of expression. In general, communication by way of better than some of Email, if you can allow users to reply by Email to get more use of automated information, not only to increase the response rate, but you can also get a chance to communicate again and the user. 3, clickable URLs Email ad in writing, do not forget the website (such as www.yourdomain.com) by adding "http://", so that the message recipient can click on the URL, otherwise, must be copy and paste the URL into your browser address bar to visit, how tired you say? And, maybe a very good business opportunity because the user can not click directly lost. For the sake of users, to facilitate as much as possible. 4, the language with their own ads without their own style, but the ubiquitous advertising copy online language expression, then the likelihood your ads will not be forgotten or ignored, you may find some language "proven", but would only be valid for the original creators, repeat the language of others hard to attract the attention of others. After all, online advertising is a professional, if you know much about this, then take a serious study and pondering for some time: perhaps the best investment of time investment. Like every day received a lot of companies with similar Web site of letters or classified ads advertising, which is that there is much difference between bulk mail it? 5, do not try to use the Internet ad sales products, perhaps there is often one of the biggest mistakes. Too long to contact the ad and the first to try to sell their products to the other side are equally futile, not only can not leave a good impression on others, but it may harm the user. Ad content should be as brief, focused and beautiful language, do not tell the user in the advertisement of your product which decorative parts, but to tell the user that your product will make him more beautiful. 6, with their own URL and use words like someone else's ads, if you want to promote the site and many other sites have similar URL (such as the number of free web page URL), the same can not cause the user's attention. In fact, very cheap now apply for a domain name, with its own independent domain name than the effect of using free web site URL is much better. In many cases, free type of site is not suitable for online promotion. You can stand the perspective of the reader think about every day received a lot of companies with similar Web sites or classified ads spam, bulk mail, which is how much difference that it? More exciting, please click: http://www.bokee.net/tg.jsp?code=jiajiabei
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E - mail marketing is in addition to blog marketing , telemarketing , and a rapid growth of the market. Attention increasingly in future mail marketing companies .
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