Why is Britain even our ally, first they tried to crush our revolution, second they helped the south?

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Asked at 2012-07-26 18:45:01
Britain tried to keep as their colony ( France helped) , and again in 1812 and invaded us during the civil war pretented be netural but secretly supported the Southern cotton that allows Britain ( trade with them against of our desires ), if France (our true ally ) had said that the union would help the British that have helped the South! !
Answer1Nicki S.Answered at 2012-08-15 23:39:02
because they speak English and hate the Americans French ......
Answer2LaLa Help me please!!Answered at 2012-08-18 19:26:02
I agree, but from the opposite point of view , the U.S. has always worked against Britain. Invaded Canada in 1812 and that should have accompanied the confederation more, and the U.S. occurred in the last minute in the two world wars.
Answer3Ree-ReeAnswered at 2012-09-24 22:26:02
and we will do it again I say muh has hahahhahaha
Answer4steve I Truly Need HelpAnswered at 2012-10-26 22:46:01
Time for you to take a class on the history of the 20th century .
Answer5LorriAnswered at 2012-11-04 01:05:41
What part of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" are you having difficulty comprehending?
Answer6 Answered at 2022-04-16 00:30:10

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