8 5 million in contributions from Chongqing Lifan 2007 Adds "glory"

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In the recently published Hoogewerf "2007 China Charity List" list, Yin Mingshan, chairman of Chongqing Lifan Holdings Limited to 2006 year 23 billion yuan was nominated for the fourth annual contributions, the Lifan Philanthropy renewed media attention. At the same time, also said that Lifan Lifan Group has built on the "school of glory" 73 on the basis of continued funding, the construction of four "school glory" new, like the Lifan Group, 2007 adds "the glory ". As expected, the Lifan Group in 2008 built 100 years ago, "the school glory." As we all know, in recent years companies Lifan with advanced awareness of independent innovation and excellence in R & D capacity to become the Chinese and international market leader in mechanical and electrical industry, one of its cars next , the motorcycles and other industries flourish and the country in southwest China in a few large private companies. , Was started in 2003, Lifan Group in January last year launched its first products for passenger cars - Lifan 520 sedan cars of the economy, get a good market response, in almost a year after the first quarter of 2007 , Lifan 520 million dollars in car sales, sales growth of its speed in the same types of companies are also called rare. Help in promoting industry in 2006, Lifan Group's turnover exceeded billion, another record. Meanwhile, the Lifan Group, charities have begun to enter the first 9 years. "Up and the World Economy", which is China's history and tradition of culture. With the continued expansion of business scale Lifan, the annual turnover is increasing, as a member of the CPPCC and vice president of Chongqing, Chongqing Chamber of Commerce president, Yin Mingshan, chairman of Lifan Holding Co., Ltd. was started in 1997 on social welfare and public service activities, donors, has been donated to the society's total of RMB 5.4 billion yuan, of which more than 2,000 million yuan of funds to be invested in the educational development to the "glorious cause." He worked as a teacher of Yin Mingshan has repeatedly expressed in public, his emphasis on education. Since 1999, he engaged in the conduct of Lifan Group voted to build the "school of glory" at the end of 2006, Lifan Group has 19 provinces, cities and districts in a "school of glory" 73, including 21 of the Lifan Group's investments in cattle. "Forget about their roots, to society" is a successful businessman and enterprises in improving their own development as a thanksgiving to the community for 8 years to over 50 billion yuan of investment in welfare enterprises social, and Lifan Group, Yin Mingshan President no turning back. Yin Mingshan said once: "Let's party and government to get rich first, not after us to get rich" as heartless', after helping the rich to get rich first to achieve common prosperity, prosperity shared, if not work, then we are to reform and opening up, get rich doing public business is as it should be. "Lifan imaginary table Class B

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