I just realized that my years of video game playing would make me a good day trader, What do you think? related questions

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I just realized that my years of video game playing would make me a good day trader, What do you think?2Tarah2012-08-15 00:20:02
I think this because of what I understand about day trading , be patient and sit for hours at a computer analyzing data and making decisions on the basis of information, some of them are decisions fast under pressure and others are slow and steady , as in an RPG . It also means controlling your emotions. You have to trust your instincts and sometimes you have to trust in you head. These are qualities that I collected from video games. I'm a risk taker . Should become a day trader ? How to become a trader day? How much I can expect to earn ?
I want to be a trader in the stock exchange.I was playing this game on moneybhai.coneycontrol...but how?4sakshi2012-09-24 01:46:03
I have no idea about how to operate in the stock market ..... so I have a suggestion to play this game ....... moneybhai.moneycontrol.com coz that will help me get an idea .. ... but this game is confusing to me ..... How to play ? ? ? Please help ! ! ! !
What is a good TCG/CCG video game for beginners?0Jason (please help)2012-08-05 04:14:49
I've never really been into Trading Card Games, but after watching some people play Magic The Gathering for a few hours the other day, it looks like something i could get into. I just need some recommendations for a TCG video game for someone who's mostly unfamiliar TCG, a dumbed down one, preferably.
My cell phone when playing 3GP video card ah why1Ye Wang large 尐 2012-02-28 22:35:01
My cell phone when playing 3GP video card ahwhat
Game Guides Game: How To Make Simple Game Guide For Your Game02022-03-02 23:53:53
game guides  are a perfect option for the beginner gamer who has just started playing. With a game guide you have a set of walkthroughs that will help you beat your games, and get to enjoy them with more ease. This is what makes game guides so popular in the gaming community. Game guides can be found online or in paper form, and they can be used for many different games. If you are not sure how to make your own game guide, dont worry! Weve got you covered with this article on how to make simple game guide for any type of game.
January 2007 at China is not to make changes to the legal age for marriage? Male 15 years old woman 23 years of age?1Tom2012-01-30 01:53:56
Under the title
Playing more than one Trading Card Game?0canary2012-07-27 22:15:00
I want to try 2 different TCGs but I don't know if I should start with both or start with one and then slowly move on to the next.
I really want to make my own trading game does any one know a website that is free i can use to make the game?0Jaymes2012-07-18 02:11:01
i want to make a game called "Mind-games" you can play with up to 10 people at onceyou pick one of 6 different card types earth, wind, water, fire, death, life you have different abilities with each card type.
What was the collectible card inside The Pokemon Trading Card Game: The Video Game?0Hemlock Middle School2012-09-25 02:13:02
I just saw a video game for the Game Boy Advance called The Pokemon Trading Card Game . It is basically the same as the regular games , but comes with a limited edition Pokemon card . I tried searching Google it, but found nothing . If you own , what was the card?
Im thinking of playing pokemon trading card game online?0Ilovemath2012-10-11 04:53:06
so I have to buy a starter deck black and white theme , or I can go directly to the booster packs to play online instead of wasting my money on energy cards for online games .
[Through! ] Graphic explosion strong csoplay the risk of playing the game with IdeaPadY710 Oh1Olave2012-02-25 22:32:43
The legend, IdeaPad Y701 is playing the game of succulent books , 8 had to be beneficial to have the inconvenient things , it's great to build in the depths of the crisis! Look at the big screen! ! ! Saying that there is a small game enthusiasts , in a dark and stormy night, broke into the home by two young women, the harassment was inhuman! Little Red: Enough, I was fine ah ~ ~ ~ ( I really do not know what these two mmcos , insider Please advise, thanks Thanks, more pictures in http://www.pcpop.com/doc / 0 281 / / 281358.shtml can see, there is World of Warcraft and CS type ): ... ... red seduction fails, green. Little Green: I was pretty ah ~ ~ type: ... ... Question: What practice , I can play the game. The wrath of the two beautiful women: what things, the delivery! Guy : ... ah ... no beauty was furious : no! Do not give to grab ! ! ! Yes ! Do not give to grab ! (Where exit ?) During the game , Assault on the keyboard have to grab ! ( Where are you left ...... ) in the case of extreme urgency, the young people had an idea: Why not come to World of Warcraft PK you, it's about who should win ! The result is conceivable, of course ... ... and then play in front of the old technology is outdated, but it is too effective! The dispute died down. Competitive and not war. Together , they lived a happy life! ( Hey, young men? ......) The endIdeaPad also be considered a silver spoon , who is the youngest son of Lenovo's most loved , ha , ha , it is certainly promising . IdeaPad simply carry the film , ah , all the top audio and video settings ah. Thanks , boss , share, thanks
Video games my family is always playing games and trading them in?0puppy101``2012-07-14 13:56:03
My son's what to learn how to make their own game and I heard that there was a way. I was wondering if they can go into some kind of program on the computer here at home at start one up themself.

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