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12.In what ways did Americans influence the Mexican borderlands?
A) The increased number of American settlers caused the mission and presidio systems to fail providing the Americans greater influence.
B) Great numbers of Americans settling in California and Texas led to conflicts with the Mexican government.
C) Americans established large ranches and shifted primary production from raising sheep to farming.
D) Trade with Mexican states declined as more American goods became available.
Which of the following is a condition that Mexico did NOT impose on American settlers in Texas?
A) They were required to follow Mexican law.
B) They had to become Mexican citizens.
C) They would never have to pay taxes on the land they occupied.
D) They had to become a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
What did the Mexican government assume would happen by requiring American settlers to become Mexican citizens?
A) The settlers would see Mexico as their own country and adopt their customs.
B) They would begin paying the taxes they were exempt from.
C) The empresarios would lose their influence over the settlers.
D) Mexican citizens would adopt the customs and practices of the American settlers.
Why were American settlers upset when Mexico began taxing goods from other countries?
A) The settlers wanted to take over rule from the empresarios.
B) The settlers did not want to obey the rules created by a government that was not their own.
C) The settlers preferred to purchase imported goods which were generally cheaper than domestic .
D) The settlers feared that other countries would cease exporting goods to the United States.
Why did Stephen Austin encourage Texans to organize an Army?
A) He wanted to force the Mexican President Anotonio Lopez de Santa Anna to reopen Texas to American immigrants.
B) He wanted to overthrow Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna from his dictatorship.
C) He wanted to retaliate against Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna for imprisoning him for treason.
D) He realized that negotiations with Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna were pointless.
American settlers, frustrated with Mexico

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