Indian painkiller IV injection? related questions

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Indian painkiller IV injection?0Rene2012-07-26 10:38:02
kindly suggest the trade name of IV injection of indian made for pain relief., i currently use Zobid injection in muscle but i want IV injection for similar to Zobid Injection. Do needful for the same.
Can a foreign citizen of indian origin invest in indian stock market? can he trade online from outside india?4janet!2016-08-01 01:00:08
What is the procedure for opening bank accounts , commercial and demat
My Indian friend is in USA and wants to trade in Indian Stock market from USA ? Is it possible ? Pl explain?0Steve2012-09-27 09:09:04
My friend is in the U.S. Indian and wants to trade in the Indian market in U.S.? Is it possible ? pl explain
Indian, trading in Indian market from outside India - Possible?0Sanmjha2012-07-21 00:31:02
I am an Indian and working abroad. Can I trade in Indian market from outside India? How is tax calculated for this, is it normal as other Indian citizens?
How do I find Pentosan 4 injection?1Edmund2012-05-01 19:29:17
How I can find pentosan 4 of the injection?
How do I find dexamethasone injection 4mg/ml 30ml?1pratham2012-08-15 19:32:02
How I can find 4mg/ml dexamethasone injection of 30 ml?
How do I find Ascorbic Acid Injection from Hong Kong?1Hubert2012-05-03 21:06:23
How I can find ascorbic acid injection in Hong Kong?
Bosch Fuel injection pumps for Fiat Tractors0ano2012-07-12 16:41:02
How I can find above pump in Pakistan
How do I find injection molded flower pot manufacturers from Mexico?1pony2012-01-21 02:34:04
I ' , looking for manufacturers who produce pot - plastic pots - blow molding hanging baskets - Plastic PU flower pots fiber glass jars of flowers
our company to becomr agent of TIG 250IU IM Injection in bangladesh.2Yennis2011-12-22 05:07:44
Immune globulin human tetanus (TIG ) 250 IU im injection to import and market in Bangladesh, now, how I can contact the manufacturer and marketing company to appoint an agent not?
Requirements of vaccines, injection materials and cold chain equip1Whisky Ï„? 2012-02-13 23:12:53
We need information on the following table (procurement , logistics, purchase orders and quotes , shipping and delivery date , etc.) to our need for vaccines, injection materials and cold chain equipment we need to find good suppliers and providers we provide our needs according to agreed standards .
I.V. Cannula with snap fit injection port and wings (MAISFLON PLUS)| Mais India.0maisindia2022-03-16 23:57:08
High-Quality I.V. Cannula  with snap fit injection port and wings (MAISFLON PLUS) Product are manufactured by Mais India Medical Devices. Please contact us or visit our website -   

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