Why is Greece obliged to "obey" the EU, if there are BILLIONS related questions

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Why is Greece obliged to "obey" the EU, if there are BILLIONS 1strange h.w kid2012-08-28 03:35:02
That doesn't make sense... I mean, if this oil and natural gas are exploited, and sold to the international companies, this trade can solve the debt in very short time (maybe even two years or less). And then, Greek economy will get better, and even flourishes again...
Surely someone must go to jail to teach the banks that they too must obey the law?1davy2012-07-31 14:13:55
Today's statement from the CFTC: "Barclay's attempted to MANIPULATE and made FALSE REPORTS concerning both benchmark interest rates to benefit the bank's derivatives trading positions by either increasing its profits or minimizing its losses. The conduct occurred regularly and was pervasive."
The camera lens systole of my SONY W1 does not obey orders.1:そ -2012-01-18 17:35:01
My camera has several types W1 movie mode , but my co-discovery of patterns in the degree see photo , for example according to the camera lens really should pack who came, but still maintains the shooting mode. I know that to send the repair is the easiest way , but I do not know this kind of problem is repaired , the increase of the complex, is what the reason is , as here refer to each well.
The problem showing clip of Thinkpad R400 A18! Tall person does a good turn ~ is obliged0MUHID2012-07-19 13:33:02
Mi is Thinkpadr400a18 , but I open my attribute what team is responsible for displaying the clip is MobileIntel (R ) 4SeriesExpressChipsetFamily though. Being known in my opinion, this clip is compositional sample , I know how to return the responsibility. Run the animals demon has the ability to frame 9, tinkling card ! ! ! However, the ATIMobilityRadeonHD3470 I see is a lot of newspaper sites as the main spectacle alone! ~ Come, so I'm dizzy pick shows ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ and show only one who can change again and oh yes ~ is that way , how to change what is shown alone, how to operate ! ! I hope someone high instructs ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Award thanked the components of high
Who do paint with billions of dollars the state1Vivien2012-03-18 22:50:57
What is the name of the state of the company in Hong Kong million chemical paint company . It is a generic version of the state legislature that is not you? ? The use of these decorative paint companies , is a little worried , I know the quality is not qualified
What account should someone who want to invest billions in foreign currencies should use?1Jaer2012-09-08 03:40:03
What kind of account would be good for someone to invest billions in forex? I mean trading account, but where, and what kind, can he do it online?
Why is the U.S.A. so indebted by billions of dollars to China as a trading partner?0Laticia2012-07-07 02:05:01
The need for a research paper please help >.
How many billions could be saved by legalizing drugs, Dutch politicians know?0mindfreak2012-10-06 00:08:15
End drug prohibition : MedlinePlus latest austerity measure Posted : May 19, 2010 14:07 | Changed: 19 May 2010 16:52 MedlinePlus The prohibition of recreational drugs fuels crime and is bad for public health. MedlinePlus By Frits Bolkestein q.s. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * File - Tourists are not welcome in cannabis coffee shops sold MedlinePlus * File - Dutch message to drug tourists : c'est fini MedlinePlus * News - European court weighs cannabis ban for foreigners MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The austerity measures to cut public spending are a hot topic of debate across Europe . In the Netherlands , where a new parliament will be elected next month, several proposals to reduce spending by € 30 billion on the table . All these proposals hitting where it hurts , but one option would actually be a relief : drug regulation . "Regulation" , we mean allowing the production and sale of drugs under strict conditions designed to minimize use while doing the safest possible MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Regulation , however , remains a huge taboo , even in the Netherlands . And despite the promise of the Dutch cabinet that no subject would be taboo in consideration of potential austerity measures , a government committee to study possible cuts in the security field has hardly dared to broach the subject . Only considered besides regulating less damaging drugs , marijuana and hashish , which could
Why do we pay subsidies to large corporations who already make billions a year?1Charles2012-07-31 03:46:03
Everyone needs a little help from time to time, while we give billions to those we already have billions less for those who have nothing. An example is compaired subsidies for welfare. We give from 15 to 35 billion a year to the big oil alone, according to the year ( that does not include all the other subsidies) , and spent 20 billion on welfare and unemployment (a few bad apples, but most deserve people fighting . ). Should not we not only cover the export tax , and charge the same rates as the countries we charge for trade? Or better yet maybe we should charge an import tariff on all goods produced outside the United States to be the same price than it would occur within the United States , is it possible ?
How Many Billions did George Soros Make Buying US Dollars Short?1baby2012-09-05 04:42:05
Most of his fortune trading currencies, just wondering how in recent years its billions came from the sale of U.S. dollar short. If it did, I think it's very unpatriotic.
Billions vanished through fraud and insider trading. Yet not one person has been charged?1alfredia mitchell2012-11-02 08:57:02
We were told that there was widespread fraud , insider trading , the redirection of funds and outright theft , to say nothing of conspiracy to deceive the public . MedlinePlus But no one has been charged . Is not it strange ? Will anyone ever be charged? Or is it something we forget - as our pension funds . No protests ?
Questions About Ancient Greece?24Eheheheheheh... Help?! :(2016-06-06 20:52:24
Ancient Greece was dependent on trade in large part because only about a small part of its land was usable for farming.True or False In ancient Greece, a tyrant differed from other leaders in that he a.allowed slavery. b.seized power illegally. c.shared power with the nobility. d.had authority over the military. The most severe restriction on democracy in Athens under Cleisthenes concerned a.how much participation in government a citizen had. b.which members of the society were considered citizens. c.whether citizens could propose laws or merely vote on them. d.whether the citizens' decisions were binding on the government. All of the following were characteristics of Athens' direct democracy EXCEPT a.an executive branch. b.leaders chosen by the aristocracy. c.political power limited to citizens. d.laws directly proposed and voted on by citizens.

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