Needed: Level 1 Female Zoura!!!! (Pokemon)? related questions

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Needed: Level 1 Female Zoura!!!! (Pokemon)?0joy brandon2012-07-25 21:57:02
I wanted to borrow a level 1 female zoura so i can breed it to get my own zoura. Once i get the egg i will trade it back. Friend Code: 2108-4644-3444
Pokemon Black trade: will anybody trade me a female Ralts (level 1-10... no higher than 10 :P)?0amritpal2012-07-27 15:01:00
I've been looking for a female Ralts, but people keep trying to trade me a male one .-. I don't really have anything rare or special to trade. I can trade a Zorua or Zorua egg, Snivy (or egg), Squirtle (or egg)... and those are really the only rare things I have .-. I have a Likitung (level 49 male)... Anywho, thanks and send me a message if you're interested o3o (don't forget to post here though so I can give you points xT)
Who has a female Feebas (any level) in Pok0Lisaraye2012-07-22 23:00:01
I will negotiate any of these: - Carnivine , M , MF . 24 - Clefairy , F , MF . 14 - Cranidos , M , MF . 20 - Drifloon , F , MF . 22 - Fearow * , M , MF . 50 - Finneon , F , MF . 19 - Gastrodon (East), M , lv . 40 - M Goldeen , lv . 17 - Hippopotas , F , MF . 1 - Hippowdon , F , MF . 54 - Mightyena * , M , MF . 23 - Mime Jr , M , MF . 20 - Psyduck , M , MF . 36 - Roserade , M , MF . 20 - Shellos (East), M , lv . 25 - Slakoth * , M , MF . 12 The name of my character is Lucas. My code is 5200 7854 7077. I do not know much about the trade so if you just be patient, I really appreciate it. Also, do not think you can change the nickname of a negotiated Pok
Trading 7 Charmanders (All Level 1's) 6 Male. 1 Female :S?0Lynda2012-09-22 00:30:02
If you do not want Charmander , I will be part of your own Squirtle Trade within the next three days . And within the next 3 days I will be trading Bulbasaur . Responding to tell which . MedlinePlus For example , "I Want 2 men , 1 woman " . MedlinePlus Thanks for your time !
Pokemon BW trade? Victini needed, for ANY Pokemon!?0SquarePants2012-07-23 07:20:02
I want a victini, for simply ANY pokemon you need! Except event pokemon, but I'm ok with other legendaries! Victini has to be an event pokemon, I don't want clones! Email me if you want to pick a certain pokemon, for a conversation (: [email protected]
Pokemon BW trade? Victini needed for ANY Pokemon?1John2012-08-31 21:51:03
I need an Event Victini, or the Liberty Pass Victini, not a clone please.. I'll simply give you ANY Pokemon you want, except event Pokemon, but im ok with giving you legendaries! (: You can email me: [email protected]
What is the easiest whay to get your pokemon to level one-hundred in Pokemon Platinum without rare candies?3pony2012-10-24 14:07:02
My Empoleon is trying to get to level one to one hundred , and the other pokemon on my team. I do not want to use rare candies . Any ideas ? Also, my friend needed an exp . action, so I have changed mine to him. Any help ?
I have Boulder Badge in Pokemon Blue, at what level will traded pokemon stop listening to me if...?0tyrese2012-07-21 07:04:02
I don't get next badge?
How do i beat the elite 4 in pokemon diamond without having to level up my pokemon?2jim bean2012-09-18 10:33:03
yes, I know my pokemon chest but I have no time to stabilize at the time . I'll post my pokemon , levels and movements . What is the best way to beat the elite 4 with the following ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Uxie lvl.53 MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus confusion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extrasensory Yawn MedlinePlus Charge Beam MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 58 Azelf MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus confusion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Future Sight Shadow Ball MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extrasensory MedlinePlus lvl . 49 MedlinePlus Dialga MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus force cut MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AncientPower Roar of Time ( I know I messed teach HM ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 45 Infernape MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fire Card Fire Spin MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Flame Wheel MedlinePlus flamethrower MedlinePlus lvl . 41 Azumarill MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus blizzard MedlinePlus Surf MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Waterfall Rock Smash MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 41 Lucario MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus Aura Sphere MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Me First MedlinePlus Rock Climb reversal MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( Lucario fainted , but I saved before I used all my revives Lucario what if I need , but I would say they must make Infernape , Dialga or fainting ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, and if I have to negotiate GTS I have no phone or a USB DS , so I can not . and I have no time to level my pokemon so please tell me the best with what I have .
Can somebody tell me how to get a female eevee in the wild or a porygon in pokemon diamond without trading?0Ethan2012-07-16 13:16:01
or the park , either PAL.
If I was a point that I needed the HM RockClimb but did not have it, and I traded a Pokemon that knows it...?0ernest2012-07-14 11:17:01
Will I be able to use it? Just curious =3
Is a gba link cable needed to trade Pokemon on DS?0Andrew-please help!!!!!2012-10-22 03:55:07
So I want to change my pokemon sapphire Emerald , both DS 'to do I need a cable or one of those things connecty ?

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