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site overseas promotion of foreign trade enterprises and comparative analysis of several ways0John Ackah2012-07-25 18:48:02
site overseas promotion of foreign trade enterprises and comparative analysis of several ways site overseas promotion of foreign trade enterprises and comparative analysis of several ways according to UNCTAD statistics, global electronic trading in 1994 amounted to 1.2 billion, 2000 soared to 300 billion U.S. dollars in 2003 reached 3.9 trillion U.S. dollars, up 69% over 2002 in 2005, has up to 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars, is expected in 2006 the world e-commerce transaction volume will reach 12.8 trillion U.S. dollars, accounting for the global 18% of merchandise sales, estimated that by 2010 global e-commerce transaction volume will reach 27.4 trillion U.S. dollars, one third of the international network of trade in the form of trade will be completed. With the rapid development of Internet, network marketing, international trade as a new marketing approach, more and more foreign enterprises attention, it brought the entire international trade patterns of the revolution, many companies benefit, particularly in many small-scale foreign trade enterprises, allowing them to get rid of the traditional monopoly of resources (limited show, expensive television advertising) restrictions, have the opportunity to compete with large enterprises on the same stage in a huge slice of the international market. The face of a wide variety of ways to promote the overseas network, and limited advertising budget, how to choose a program suited to their enterprise marketing responsible for foreign trade enterprises must face a difficult problem. Foreign trade from a professional e-commerce service provider jointly Bang ( international e-commerce experts on the current overseas network of several commonly used ways to promote some analysis and comparison, for the majority of foreign trade enterprises in the selection overseas promotion method reference. Foreign trade enterprises in the international e-commerce is currently used in many ways to promote the overseas network include: online advertising, search engine keyword advertising, B2B platform to promote, network yellow pages, e-mail marketing. These methods, used properly, there will be some effect, but there are some characteristics of their own, suitable for different business use.
Why China's foreign trade from overseas is difficult to access the corporate Web site?1Englishstudent2012-06-28 13:51:02
Why China's foreign trade from abroad is difficult to access the corporate website? Many people have this experience, is on the party website, speed is very slow. However, I wonder if you know the site from abroad, China is even slower. When customers visit your site abroad, so long, the sites are not open, a potential order, simply disappear! Why visit to China from abroad is difficult to place? In this regard, there are many reasons, one of the main problems is the bandwidth of international exports from China is not enough. Traffic congestion on the Internet caused. According to the survey by the China Internet Network Information Center, in 2003, China exported a total bandwidth of 27216M. In 2004, the total bandwidth of Internet growth in China's international exports 53941M. The same survey also shows that in 2004, China had a total of 595.550 sites. You can then do a simple analysis of 595 550 sites, the bandwidth share of exports of less than 53941M, each site of less than 0.09 M. Bandwidth of total exports is not entirely allocated to the website, and for other purposes. For example, access to foreign Web sites, will occupy part of the bandwidth of exports. Also part of the output bandwidth, reserved for research and educational institutions and so on. In comparison with the U.S. spaceulti channel bandwidth of 2,488 G (1G = 1000 m), believes that it is difficult to make comparisons. Break the limitations of bandwidth of exports, the rapid expansion of business secret abroad: The U.S. spaceervices, its place in the main artery of the Internet - the United States first class backbone data center .
Do you fall into foreign trade promotion misunderstanding?1MAMAbrown2012-08-16 17:19:31
Do you fall into foreign trade promotion misunderstanding? SME foreign trade promotion, there are some very serious misunderstanding, one of which is the so-called re-channel, light sources. This channel is the promotion of various types of network channels, such as search engines, B2B platform; source is their own site. This neglect or contempt website, simply attach importance to channel thinking is wrong, like you built a store, repaired the truck the way the store can reach, but suddenly found the shop's goods not in place, fitting did not attractive or bad, or do not find a good salesperson, someone wants to buy your goods, but can not find the waiter.
Triple the overall foreign trade promotion marketing1 ﹏ 1s. Black Tang herbicides? 2012-04-15 19:15:24
Three in a global trading partner network marketing to promote foreign trade, "Pioneer" Trade in services exports, business partner network is a combination of "B2B platform global + trade + corporate web site search engine marketing" three times the concept of global marketing for the national launch of new services overseas extension of SMEs: promoting your own website, the platform of international trade business in accordance with technical standards, the market philosophy, International buyers browsing habits and design your own e-commerce business platform capable of offering customers say goodbye to "rely on others" to promote ways to try to avoid competition in the industry. Second, follow the search habits for overseas customers via GOOGLE most popular, buyers are the most used of the world, YAHOO and other search engines to find products related to customers when the company can be found at the site of the first marketing. Highest quality research. Third, a comprehensive website multi-channel marketing to promote business, improve the solvency of the company. Fourth, the establishment of system management corporate website online marketing through the customer base, search habits, time of login, and other related statistics, easy to plan and address corporate of product development. Fifth, corporate marketing website Ten Reasons 1.99% of customers will have access to the corporate website last providers to facilitate contact and cooperation in the future! 2, the corporate image and product information directly in front of customers, minimize competition among peers, which increases the probability of success! 3 never closing the window business! (Your own website) 4, to facilitate customer orders directly! (Later in the research, joint research input specific) 5, easy to handle personnel management, easy! 6, the investment costs of short, easy to budget planning! 7, no over-reliance on an intermediate platform, upload photos and information from many restrictions. 8, easy business, product management and long term planning! 9, client and product information visit the service fast, stable web! 10, for the purpose of establishing the company's website marketing: Let's corporate website is no longer simply interested in understanding the business card of contact QQ: 835353295. Tel: 18957666957
A professional foreign trade promotion website should have what elements?1Jocelyn2012-01-19 18:32:41
A professional web site promotion of foreign trade should have what items? A professional website to promote foreign trade must have the basic elements of what? We are now the site of the national companies in Chinese and English versions , and some have complex characters, and Japanese , all to the point ? XianXian the
On overseas promotion, free platform, and SEO1Tom2012-04-24 19:00:11
In the promotion abroad, the free platform, and SEO I think many of my friends have done a lot of famous platform . As Alibaba, Global Sources `` `` Made in China also free up a lot of B2B platform ` But have you ever thought that was registered for a free account you remember what it is? What platform you are registered? I think many of my friends are not going to write ' I will tell you , the famous platform , especially in foreign countries using a fixed group . And without it , is the use of search engine optimization to search through the website, so foreign to their own website to make a SEO is very beneficial for customers to find . In other countries there are still many customers using search engines to find the necessary products , and now through the search has become very common, and in the world represent a large proportion of the business platform , but also little recently started to stabilize, for example, as strangers some of the big supermarkets , convenience stores to purchase goods in China , and are used primarily for business platform. But these customers are looking for customers in search engines to determine the price. Business platform for the transaction then and now foreign customers has become wise up , so this is not a free platform for effective business ` So the key to everything or investment , then ask for anything I wish you all a prosperous `` `` ` oh
Zhuantie: overseas promotion of no effect? Perhaps the answer is simple!1Doris2012-04-18 18:21:59
Zhuantie : promotion abroad of no effect ? Perhaps the answer is simple! With the growing popularity of Internet , more and more foreign companies will promote the network as a marketing tool main company , but as the network to promote the principle , we understand that many companies have said that the overall effect , what reason is ? With that question , we conducted a thorough investigation into the company. We found: A lot of companies reflects the overall effect , traffic is relatively high! But why did not effect? We let the foreign business partners test site in the external environment , we finally found : companies overseas sites is very slow to open , very slow! Therefore, we understand : a lot of advertisers, read ads , click Start to access the corporate website , but due to the slow , slow to open , so that advertisers select the " Close" is this: why high traffic, but no effect an important reason. This means that our company spent a lot of money for advertising, but customers do not even see the site left, and a business opportunity that has been lost in silence is very responsible for our customers and in-depth analysis , we find that reason, while we also find a larger market demand : After our initial investigation , 80 % of China's foreign business web site hosting trade at home, not abroad , however , companies foreign trade , 80 % of visits , who is from abroad and also carefully prepared in foreign promotion of quality American host , so companies overseas sites , high-speed operation stable!
Foreign trade to resume the money four ways foreigners1Dustin2012-09-16 15:05:04
Foreign trade to resume foreign SOHO received the money in four ways foreigners are four ways to receive money, foreign money to be paid: WU (Western Union), TT (Bank Transfer), PayPal payment received money means a foreigner. WU, my favorite way to remind you, be sure to use: money transfer, do not use the payment order. You provide the information for the stranger: my information for you to send money with Western Union is as follows: Name: Hongming Sun (Mingzi) Name: Hongminglast: Sunstreet: *** No Nantong street streets of the city. The city of Harbin Province: Heilongjiang Province, Country: China National Postal code: 150001 Postal Code Phone number: 1393624 **** phone number that you have to be foreign information, you can get at the post office or Agricultural Bank of China's foreign exchange his name: (foreigners Mingzi) Name: Last Name: Street: State Street foreign / city: the old city in the country: the foreign country MTCN: (money transfer ctrl number is a number 10 digits, the most important, is provided by WU to foreigners) the total amount of money (the amount of money and currency) 2. TT, foreigners in China called the transfer is called EFT, is the bank transfer. This approach is very good, there is no chance of being deceived. You just open an account at Bank of China for a pass can be. Just as the U.S. Park received $ 10 in the years to be deposited, as the closure of the euro, to save $ 5 on the inside, the counter directly to me, you can give the RMB. The following information tells a foreigner, you can receive money within 3-5 days, changing the renminbi is directly in the change of RMB 8.264, or withdraw, haha, only 8.21 :) want your foreign clients to provide the following information: Beneficiary: Sun Hongming its name from A / C No. 246566020 ***** (dollar account) USA Park **** 246566020 Account (Account euros) euro account Bank Name: Bank of China's Heilongjiang Branch.Bank Address: No. 19 Hongjun Street Nangang District. Harbin, China SWIFT Code Bank address: Bank code BKCHCNBJ860 (very important) 3.PAYPAL (U.S. favorite) for a very simple people, money can be difficult to return a 1. easily be frozen. 2. Foreigners easily refuse to pay. Cost advantage will not open. I am a foreigner with a foreign PAYPL received the money, I pay 2% of the commissions, which used the money sent to my account TT Chinese. (I love America good) a little big for the number of models is a little worried about whether foreigners will investigate the problem and negotiate me. 4.Vias, Maestro (some domestic pay the company) to support more than 90% international credit card receivables, compared with paypal protecting the interests of the buyer, then it is to protect the interests of the seller , failure to pay more difficult, it will not freeze, settled more easily, and not the bank. Disadvantages: the cost of opening an account, the first settlement of a long time. Welcome to exchange experiences with 877,243,118
Foreign-invested enterprises approved duty-free imports of equipment1Ida2012-01-18 01:38:01
Foreign-invested enterprises approved duty-free imports of equipment
Beijing's foreign trade has no site construction company?1Just smile. Hello. God, continued 2012-04-10 07:51:42
Beijing 's foreign trade has no firm building the site ? We are state-owned enterprises are now looking for the strength of the foreign trade construction company Web site can send text messages to stay site and contact information on the best cases , you can take a look at the
What site offers the best analysis and advices on Forex trading?1Abbey(Urgent Please help)2012-08-22 20:58:01
Which site offers the best analysis and advice on forex trading ?
Any site on which I can do tech analysis instantaneously 4 intraday trading.BSE NSE no use Yaool late 20 mts?1Patiance2012-11-06 05:45:02
In order to do technical analysis for day trading I have a website that offers real-time graphs and host of technical indicators to work . BSE and NSE are not very useful and Yahoo Finance is late by 20 minutes and therfore not of any value for day traders . I do not mind paying if there is a free site, but even after payment if I am bound to Yahoo Finance is of no use . I operand India . I'm sure some savvy traders Indian brother or investor or professional can understand my problem and help me out.If possible indicators me that they are working for intraday trading only . I have the intention of working only in stocks for now and not in the future or derivatives or currencies or commodities . MedlinePlus Thank you very much in advance .

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