If i get a iphone 4s will i be able to get a upgrade when the iphone 5 comes out? related questions

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If i get a iphone 4s will i be able to get a upgrade when the iphone 5 comes out?1Eddy2012-10-10 14:45:02
i was thinking about getting a iphone 4s but if the iphone 5 comes out this year ....i want to now if i can get a upgrade or trade in my phone and pay a fraction of the price
Can I trade my black iPhone 4 for a white iphone?1nish2012-09-02 23:49:02
Due to a hardware problem , I need to get my iPhone 4 black replacement replaced. I understand that will cost $ 150 to get an iPhone 4 running on my hands. Am I allowed to trade in a white iPhone if I am out of warranty ?
Can you trade in an old iPhone 3G for an iPhone 4 or 4S version?1danny please help!!2012-07-29 23:36:57
My friend handed me an old iPhone 3G and said she didn't want to see it ever again.. and now I know why.. The phone won't turn on at all! I've tried to charge it but it wouldn't work. She claims she has drowned the phone underwater... The screen isn't cracked/scratched at all though. I told my other friend about this and he says that you can trade it in to apple and you can get a brand new working iPhone in any model, (of course by paying extra money). Is this true? Thanks. :) xo
Trading iPhone 3G for iPhone 3GS for free?1Arnold2012-08-09 19:00:03
I heard from some people other than a couple if you already have the iPhone 3G can change it for the iPhone 3G for free. Is this true ? If so I am so syched !
Will at&t give discount for old iphone to new iphone?1Afra2015-08-18 02:04:50
I have the old iPhone , but I want the new iPhone 3G . AT & T will give me discount for trading in my old one back ? E. I. I give my old iphone and I can buy the iPhone 3G for discounted price because I gave my old iphone ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, is there a way to upgrade my old iPhone w / o all this but getting commercial software that the improvements in the new iPhone ?
I need a new phone and I want the iPhone but how soon will the iPhone 5 be out?1Willy!2012-09-06 03:46:04
A Razr Maxx 'm looking at the Droid and the Apple iPhone , but I know that usually releases its new phones at this time of year. If I buy the 4S and I keep it in mint condition you think it could change and get a lower price for the new rather than paying full price for the new ?
Can i trade iPhone 3g for iPhone 4?1Popoff 2012-08-10 19:48:03
i have an iphone 3g and i really want an iphone 4. my 3g is 16gb so is it possible to get an iPhone 4 16 gb or 8gb for free? also, if i can trade it in, is it possible to get it without the plans.( unlocked i think)
Can i trade my iPhone 4s for new iPhone 4s?1helga2012-07-29 17:06:57
I was looking for a new iPhone 4 with my mom and I have it excels when I was on Verizon and have had for a couple of months. I realized it was a 16 GB and 32 GB is not one I wanted, but my mom bought me . I wonder is it possible for me to change my 16gb 32gb one or will I have to spend full price?
Can I trade my iPhone 4S in for an iPhone 4?0JYD!!2012-10-19 15:30:11
So , in May I got an iPhone 4 along with the rest of my family ( I have 13 ) and I love the beginning ! Siri was fun and everything was wonderful ! And then , after a day , my phone started to die every day ! Even when I upload it to the night and loaded until you really need it and in the car ! I hate that ! And now , when I'm watching a video or playing a game or something Siri just randomly pop up! What really gets on my nerves ! My dad has an iPhone 4 and it was fun to play on it when I had no phone ( this is not my first phone , it's my third! ) I do not hate to share , but I hate the way I'm not near my phone , people just pick up and play with Siri and really lose the battery ! So I can not get that important text or call someone! No need Siri because I'm only 13 ! Should I give my iPhone 4S for a 4 ? I can operate ? ( I'm with Verizon ) and get the 4? What I can do? I love my phone , but I really do not like to have a phone so expensive because people complain and wish to have my phone and I feel dirty ! Please help me !
How do I find fleur de lis case for iPhone 4, for iphone 4 case?0Can sombody please help me2012-07-25 23:25:03
am looking for an otter box like iphone case for 3g /3gs /4g with a fleur de lis on the back side of it
I want a iphone2Blade2011-12-22 04:52:52
I want an iphone
Should i buy iphone 4s or iphone 5?1Romaris2012-10-15 17:47:02
THE OLLOCLIP AND LIFEPROOF IS THE REASON WHY I WANT THE 4S AND THAT CAMERA IS GREAT BUT THE IPHONE 5 I DONT KNOW IF THEY WILL HAVE THE OLLOCLIP AND LIFEPROOF FOR THAT PHONE AND IF THE CAMERA WILL BE AS GOOD Should i buy iphone 4s or wait phone iphone 5? ok the phone im using now is evo 4g and i want something completely different so i'm going to switch to iphone i basically want it for a few apps text call and the camera so with that the 4s has a really good camera i been reviewing. i was wondering if i should wait for the iphone 5 because i have an upgrade but radio shack where im at is selling the iphone 4s for 150 instead of 200 and will allow me to trade in my phone for 40 bucks so thats 90 bucks off basically the 4s has the ollo clip and lifeproof case i want both of those and i dont know if iphone 5 will have that right away when they do release it

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