Identification of quality furniture, Qiao related questions

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Identification of quality furniture, Qiao0Hemlock Middle School2012-07-25 14:31:07
Identification of quality furniture, Qiao
Identification of the type and quality of skin1Joseph2011-12-18 18:54:40
Identification of the type and quality of the skin
How do I find home furniture top quality guandong provinve?2yazmin2012-07-09 01:26:02
interested in home furniture,bedroom,dining,living,chairs,,tables,sofas,lounge accessories,top finish,heavy duty,have agent in guangzhou for shipment to Jordan,therefore prefer supplier in guandong province,price ex works,flexilble MOQ sinced will order many different items,butg quantilty of each item small
Open an office furniture parts factory, who can provide a detailed list of furniture manufacturing machinery and investment budget, thank you!1Binga2012-01-15 23:47:02
I like to open a parts factory, office furniture, we hope to have people working in this field can provide about the necessary equipment for the furniture factory parts, the total investment budget , and related notes and so on! Thank you !
Western-style furniture and Chinese furniture can be placed in supporting it?1Whispering if the dependency 2012-04-16 20:36:52
Western-style furniture, Chinese furniture can be placed on supporting him?
Furniture is the kind of dark brown paint (felt like bright colors of the most common pot) and the white phase Penang, so what color furniture brush paint look good?1Alden2012-01-05 22:30:11
The proportion of white and dark brown paint on the half and half (maybe a little more than a little dark brown) , the bright white walls do not want to paint the furniture with the color as good PD : very, very adequate lighting in the room the walls of the entire window surface is light green fruit ? The blue light ? Light pink ? Purple? Amarillo?
GORE-TEX identification1Molly2012-01-18 22:10:38
GORE- TEX identification
Identification of glazed bathroom1Abe2012-02-19 03:17:10
In choosing a toilet, sink and other porcelain , enamel how to identify good or bad, like water , oil hung up, and the quality of spare parts ( for example , water in the bath tube ) and other issues,
Identification of several casual shoes1CASTBOUND 2012-05-23 06:31:31
The identification of several casual shoes
Nippon Paint Identification0Ste2012-07-02 19:10:02
Nippon sub-ABC class? Breakout and how identification of the original field
JS Lidaitaojiang prevent identification of wires0wedlidiao2012-07-16 05:48:02
JS Lidaitaojiang prevent cable identification
Identification of Hong Kong products?0Lori Alexander2012-06-30 06:03:02

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