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NBA 2K12 My player trades?0Gabriel2012-07-25 11:29:02
well on my way to a player , how I can get the coach to trade other people on our team, because I see good players in the rumor mill will be changed to our team
MLB 2K12 My Player Please Help?0miami2012-07-30 16:32:02
I'm on a team in that is not to good in MLB 2K12 My Player How long do I have to wait til be able to trade to another team? also I am a 98 overall in the game I think im in my 4th season.
NBA 2K12 My Player PG?0toad2012-07-12 23:22:01
i have a PG 6'3 and a 3pt specialist and i wanted to know what team should i trade to i got drafted by the Pacers and i dont like the Pacers because im from chicago lol so i wanted to know what team needs a good PG so i can get traded to? not these teams -Utah Jazz -Detroit Pistons -Bobcats -Hornets
Help w/ 2k12 My Player?1Lallie2012-10-05 12:54:02
Im a 6'9 scoring small forward, and i got drafted to the Charlotte Bobcats. We are 2 and 12 but I average 28.7 ppg, 2.9 rpg, and 2.8 apg. I recently became a starter and we have still lost but by less. Do you think I should request a trade? Right now the Magic and Nets are interested in me. But I know with Dwight Howard i wont become the star player. Also, what should I upgrade on my attributes? Right now Im trying to upgrade my dunk. Its at 49 and my vertical at 55. Thanks
NBA 2k12 My Player Help?1October2012-11-05 19:19:01
I just signed a 4yr/52m dollar contract with the Spurs. But now I am looking to be traded. I just wanted to know if your contract stays with you if your traded or if you re-negotiate.
Why am i not a starter nba 2k12 my player?0Tanisha2012-07-30 10:43:56
I prepared for the Pacers then asks for a change to the bulls. Richard Hamilton changed , its Secretary General from the Pacers. Incidentally, my player is a Mx. Ronnie Brewer was wounded and became a starter . On his return he became the starter. An average of 28 points per game , best on the team and still can not get hold of again. Ronnie Brewer is 69 in general and im 65.
NBA 2K12 My Player questions?0Hayde2012-08-02 10:45:02
I just wanted to know in what team/season is your My Player on in NBA 2K12, what position are you in and did you stay loyal to the team who drafted you. Also, do you play every game or just Key games, did you brake any records, etc? For example:For me, My Player is on the Denver Nuggets, in my 6th Season, I only play Key games(except on the Playoffs), I was drafted by the 76ers, then I was traded to the Suns, and the I signed with the Nuggets and I have gotten 2 rings, 2 League MVP, and 2 Finals MVP with them. I'm the star and I'm in the Center position.Oh and I broke the NBA record for the most points made in a game by a player with 126. Now what about yours?
NBA 2K12 My Player Advice????1Punkin2012-07-28 00:55:00
So I'm a 6'2 PG, overall of 68 I'm on the Knicks and a prolific scorer. As in around 22 PPG I know this team won't go anywhere. The Heat and Lakers are interested in me. I wouldn't mind the Lakers or Hawks, Should I go for the trade or ride this shittty Knicks team off?
NBA 2k12 My Player Question?0yorkie162012-07-21 21:43:03
So Im a PG and I just got traded to the Bulls. I'm a 73 and I am starting over Rose (and he is the 6th man)...... Is there anyway to make it so one of us plays SG and the other plays PG????? I mean this is so dumb. I can't change my position to SG in edit.
Nba 2k12 my player:: Can u get traded?1Nandi2012-09-29 00:43:02
Like can the team send you away even if u never request it..
NBA 2K12 My player question.?1Dstiny2012-08-20 08:44:27
How I can know my personal training team (Lakers ) I want to ask for a trade agreement with other teams. As an example, if I want Josh Smith Pau Gasol or something. Where do I find and how?
Trading teammates in My player on NBA 2k12?1renz anthony2012-11-05 17:06:02
Well I play for the Detroit Pistons and my escort sucks ( Rodney Stuckey ) . I heard at some point in the game management asks you to trade or trade of this is true ? And what time they ask ? Like after how many games ? I have it for Xbox 360 if that helps

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