There is a website for trading,mostly for businesses from China and other countries? related questions

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There is a website for trading,mostly for businesses from China and other countries?0Theo2012-07-25 10:15:02
The website is doing something like but the site i'm looking for is somthing any body can help,plz
When did China begin trading with foreign countries?2holly mahood2015-02-03 23:22:02
I'm currently watching a documentary on the history of China, and said " but now , contacts with Central Asia , Persia, and even Rome. " I think it refers to the Silk Roads . Anyone have any idea when this was? When will China's trading and interaction with other countries?
Know a good website for small businesses and trade info?0Econo_Help2012-08-25 23:23:02
Looking for a good online forum for trade (import / export ) and small business ideas and debate. The only good thing I found was . Other than the good of all ?
How do Developed countries gain trading partners and strategic alliances when helping third-world countries...0tahwanickah2012-08-10 17:21:02
How developed countries ( including Canada and the U.S. ) increased partnerships and business partner to help poverty-stricken nations .... please explain this in detail and possibly give more reasons why developed countries should help third world countries . Thanks in advance !
Into China, most countries rely on?1jacob thorn2012-09-14 00:26:03
In China, most countries rely on ?
First Iran and now China, how many more countries are going to be angry with the USA today?0Lynnora2012-10-24 16:14:00
Currently , China has criticized the U.S. in his critical view of the same coin and said it was going to start a trade war with the United States, Iran is also trying to kill the diplomats in the U.S. . The U.S. not planning on making any new allies
Why do people see China as a villian and other countries that don't benefit the US as allies?0ezabai2012-10-10 15:36:47
U.S. benefits from its relations of China and Japan on trade . Countries that do not have a strong relationship with the U.S. due to suspicions that Americans harbor about their intentions to use the American govt . China , while providing all the necessary labor to produce products that are sold back to the United States. Our products are priced export at a higher rate than their being dumped on the Chinese market . In China , at least , General Motors cars are doing surprisingly well , in part because of a growing interest of the middle class to own cars ' quality ' . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Israel , for its part , has historically done absolutely nothing for the U.S. . They got no bailout money to continue funding our Govt . They do not share a close economic relationship with our country are still seen as the number of U.S. strategic ally . That to me is incredibly absurd . No pressure groups that influence Chinese foreign policy in Washington , but there are a growing number of Zionist groups asking U.S. money and weapons to support Israel . What does America get something to Israel ? If there was a reason why the maintenance of supporting Israel , then we should continue this relationship , but I see no reason
buyer looking from China, India, Vietnam and other countries of raw jute fiber.1N-TITLE 2012-02-27 02:52:16
We have available stock of 2,000 metric tons of raw jute fiber grade GY BTC , BTE , BTD , BTCA , BTCB and BTR. buyer need thereof. Indicate how to get in contact with the buyer.
India & China two of the fastest growing countries and our competitors will not do anything on "global warming?1HIMADITYA2012-10-04 14:32:03
However, the United States will have to be mandated to comply with the provisions on the basis of regulations of Obama as cap and trade , we will pay for it ? It's called "global" warming , two of the largest countries in the world that are rapidly taking all the jobs we had not met, so they live in the world , is contaminated , do you think America fulfills going to change anything if not met ? Probably not going to be like a drop in the bucket , but it will cost American jobs and millions in taxes , do not you think ?
Name of businesses trading below their book value?1Shalini2012-07-06 02:14:10
does anyone know which business are trading below book value?
What are two types of businesses that could be referred to as both trading and service firms?0brandi2012-07-27 14:23:00
Trading firms- Any businesses that buy goods and resell them normally at a high price. E.g Supermarkets, Clothing stores Service firms- The don't sell products though they provide services to their customers where they charged money for their service. Eg accountant, plumbers I can't think of any that has characteristics of both trading and service firms. Please list some!
3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of extended trading hours for big businesses.?0Lima2012-07-31 00:22:01
3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of operating hours extended to larger companies. ?

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