What good poineering investment chance is there 2010?

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What a good investment opportunity poineering is 2010?
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Medical treatment is healthy industry can return to the huge population of China is not much basis in reality, health, medical treatment can plus one, when your eyes are fixed. When the popular feeling that the development of the concept of health when money buys beautiful, wait until you're considering how to extend this indefinitely basis of the person involved. In the mouth and years of treatment china town country doctor changes a course unit then a copy of a wind of this policy if, as the activator effect of extending this type of issue indefinitely, let 100 million Finance "8000 new support for medical services", "change" to make a commercial that the mass is very popular. Culture is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginality in traditional Chinese culture industry is not too much originality in the industry that is serious. Wait for a developed country in the United States, England, however, originality culture industry is key to providing aid to industry is strategic. Before data sample, the adverse foreign trade balance of trade in Chinese culture rises to 2007 of $ 149 million 2005 215 million dollars. The foreground of the video industry for video network website still is brilliant, probably only industry environment today is immature, you need more clear profit model to shore. The collaboration buying route copyright, attempt and the other antenna extended duratively, refrain from programs and collaboration with traditional media, even. It is when all the world when the person who contend for the formulation of new rules when the game is the capital allocated support prospective industry can follow. But the wind going in to cast meets Ji meeting before it is not represented, video contrast, the network did not play before the end has not come, the wind is not fused mog video industry easy, had reached the time of the great big order out of chaos after all. Industry baby boy just out of the house of venture capital investment market gradually since 2007 baby boy, no waiting for B2C and the network of relapse was even on hand for dozens of investors of the year industry, this is a unique emerging market, allowing itself attractive? One of the recipes depend "on the back of the economy baby boy kissing boy culture" hold. Whether in China, the officer position of the child, the structure of "421" is making the main structure of the Chinese family. At home, in addition to parents, with 4 being the elderly revolve around them - as a baby, other expenses can be saved, but you can not embezzle part of what the child should be issued one. Currently, China is 6 years less than the consumer market for baby boys reached 500 billion yuan of scale, by 2010 this number will be broken once, reaching $ 1 trillion. The style teachs accrete new technology and traditional industry never lacked distance to pursue the person holding it with both hands. The China Internet giant that teachs the market and change with each passing day is applied, let long distance education construction rose "of the" Oriental Express. A distance education often passes into digitlization and video, the character, image and sound can transmit synchronous, in the conventional learning and change are used for the study, while, to get through otherwise people obtain educational resources, the future can also break the bottleneck that teachs a traditional industry probably. New Wind farming becomes active go to the field. From raising the prenatal phase, fertilizers, machinery and tools; For the production phase of farming, fishing flock Wait for the treatment of products of the post-partum again, have the sign of the national capital and internationally. According to the author's understanding CBN include Da Chen achieved in distribution present, the orgnaization as sth advantage of using one's own advantage to have the plan that professional background in agriculture, a few manage foreign capital issue also plan to establish a RMB fund with deep plowing this domain. The center of attention despite Internet domain invested, applies to the Internet has been the trend that has been built by a clean technology, healthy industry, but it is undeniable, Internet domain and Internet applications are still growing essential in the life of a part of the people. All the time with the "high growth", height result, attracts a high risk of wind to join TMT attraction field, the position remain important for investors, "drops the money", and 2009, be concentration behaved and "industry units net socialization of electronic business economic" joins the other hand, the SNS, wireless Internet, video is waited a moment. A woman meets costume economy of the film to find the female face, taste the product of 45 different characters, the vanity that the salary can also spend a month in the heart only admiration for only. Women of beauty, not for valuation, and which is related to beauty is always accepting on behalf of all. Peak of climate change in Copenhagen clean technology may fall after the next heavy curtain, Wang Shi ginseng meets the traditional identity of the employer China and the logical sequence of Feng are performed not return home immediately. Wang Shi went to Germany to inspect the building green, and the village green Feng Lun rebuilds. "It decreases fuel economy is firing a proposal cosmopolitan. "Recently, in the seminary community response to climate change rise, Feng Lun expressed himself to edit the company develops new strategy, the future is going to participate in building 5 years developing green color 10 million square meters. In fact, realizing it will not develop the way is only Chinese entrepreneur. Wind poured some people act now. If you should invest a mobile Internet domain to fulfill the word of an order TMT for the most popular mobile Internet can be squeezed into before 3 for sure. The arrival of 3G cycle, carried out another new technology. As the technology matures with each passing day, jumping from mobile phone in this sprat those leaving is urgent as it is a macrocosm.
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