Wont the lakers consider this?

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Asked at 2012-07-25 08:01:02
if you ever leave the drawing , and d12 swap MWp for another player. Wont believe Gasol trade for Bargnani and selection? will acquire a young player , who is also 7 feet, that can stretch the floor for d12 and Kobe. You can also clear cap space . then be sure to sign the mayonnaise and beasly and if possible Lewis or hill. Do not forget you can still use his renunciation of amnesty to all who are under D12.

Blake pg / Morris / Odom
Kobe sg /
May Ebanks sf /
Beasley Bargnani pf / McRoberts / Hill / Lewis
c d12/mcroberts/hill/lewis
Answer1TINA5Answered at 2012-08-06 11:20:47
1 . I do not think Dwight will go to the Lakers, because even with a line up like that they will not win a championship and that's the reason why he wants to go to another computer.

2 . what the Lakers really need is an incredible foundation , not a great center , which already have Andrew Bynum.

3 . to answer ur question : yes , if they do somehow get d12 then I think you get Bargnani and some peaks Gasol is a good idea so you can stretch the floor of Howard and Kobe as u said
Answer2CPAnswered at 2012-08-22 06:57:02
If you want to get D12 will have to pack on some peaks and others , + Dwight probably saved the Lakers teams recipients. Gasol for Bargnani and spikes ? I doubt it , I doubt the Raptors strugling give a likely lottery pick for next year and for an aging Bargani Gasol with his big contract . In addition , the Lakers lose experience and personally do not think is a very good business . Signing May not be a bad idea, but Beasley is a risk. I'd rather see them try to sign Nash ( already working ) and some young talent .
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