DIY: How to assemble solid wood flooring

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DIY: How to assemble solid wood flooring
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How to undo the damage to the floors of solid wood flooring is an important part of home renovation, if not be sure that the construction work of the team , you can own " surgeon " . This is not a joke , because the fast type of hardwood flooring specialty stores for those who like the design diy , the only requirement is seriously hard , so your hands do not necessarily worse than the professional construction workers . Materials needed : wood floors , built-in bar , to close foam edge , ceiba , cutting the basic tools of the article: knives , saws Tools Taiwan punch Note : 1 , requires the placement of the first floor of the inner ground not should fall too , can not be established water wetlands . 2 , larger blocks floors quickly, the lower part of the blade must be moisture proof EVA foam , cotton, along the side walls of the bubble to close the gap cotton tight applications . DIY Construction: 1 , if the distance above the front door , in the end, you can begin to put on the door , and if smaller gaps under doors should be opened in advance the range of air naturally . The concave section at the beginning of the input paving . 2, the whole plant, outwardly directly into the concave section , the use of small wooden hammer and connected to the wing . 3, if the interface block too plant , according to cutting knife size of the seams. Follow the existing floor is uneven cutting slots cut in the block to the size of the mosaic floor .
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