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Unlock Icy Cave Dream World Pokemon B/W?0lucky wright2012-07-25 04:05:02
I know that the Icy Cave area of the dream world has just been released and I was wondering if there were a certain amount of points I need to go to it. Ex: You can't go to windswept sky unless you have 2,500 dream points. I would like to know because I would like a female dream world sandshrew and might actually go on the dream world to look for it if it isn't worth alot of points. Other wise I'll just trade for it later.
Pokemon Dream World Help?0I REALLY NEED HELP!2012-08-07 03:10:45
How to find people you know in the dream world of Pokemon? I know in the Global Link showing its trading partners, but how his friend became drearm ? Also, how do you get more than two rows in your garden? Please help ! !
Dream World 5th gen Pokemon trade?0Junie2012-07-17 18:11:02
Ok so I am using 5th gen White version and am in need of 2 DW (dream world) pokemon. A female Wooper and a female Gible. Yes, it must be female so that she can pass her DW ability to her babies. Also because I plan to breed her with a male Gastrodon, in order to also pass down the egg move Recover. As for Gible, I plan to try out the Rough Skin+Rocky Helmet combo for fun, as I already have a fully EVd Choice Band Garchomp. I am offering one shiny in return OR I can also give female or male DW Gligars with Poison Heal ability. If anyone has either of these DW pokemon and want to trade, please email me at [email protected] and we will work out a time to trade.
Does any one know how to delete a old pokemon dream world account?0Milly2012-09-11 08:34:03
My pokemon black version was damaged . And I want to know , does anyone know how I can delete my old account and register a new account . I had to restart the game . Said game pokemon black version was damaged . a new adventure began June 5. Does anyone have a trade Victini , if u want and im fine with that again . Fc4642 -0037 to 8346 . Ruchama . Pleze need help ?
How do I give my pokemon a dream world ability.?0Venel2012-07-19 09:19:02
I know I have to go to a website called Global trade or something.
Pokemon Black - Can anyone trade me a dream world Gligar?0Serina2012-07-15 04:42:02
My file is corrupted my pokemon white for hours of competitive play went down the drain. I was hoping someone can donate a Gligar dream world for me to return to the metagame. Please people who need your help. My friend code is 3096-2830-1045 . Honestly , I have nothing of my old file and makes me so angry . PLEASE HELP ME! ! Please take a Gligar female world of dreams with me.
How do you unlock all Pokemon for international trade in Soul Silver/Heart Gold?0Montez2012-10-14 04:58:16
I'm trying to find some Pokémon to trade for, but I will only trade for Pokemon you 've seen in battle or in nature. I've beaten the Elite 4 , the 16 gyms and Red on top of Mt . Silver. Is there anything else I should do, or just watch them online I have to battle ?
Where Can I Get a Dream World Eevee?1savanna2012-08-05 14:22:03
Can anyone trade me one? My friend code is 3096-2830-1045. Message me for more I can give any battle item.
I want a dream world poliwag & vulpix! (trade)?0chalsey2012-10-17 02:09:45
In essence, my dream world has been giving me bad luck from day 1 and was only recently when I received some of the DW pokemon want . What I am looking for a female Poliwag and a female vulpix so you can take charge of raising natures and such. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm willing to trade pokemon pretty good ( and legendary )
[Fun Figure] 11 world most expensive thing you dream of Which?1Judy2012-03-28 17:59:56
[Figure Fun ] 11 most expensive in the world who dream of what?
Let's dream: Can anyone give me a scenario for our future world if we became more 'connected'?0israel lopez2012-09-10 21:32:02
I know this can be a very complicated ... but irritates me about the prices of things , and the millions who have nothing ! Especially the proportions of the poor vs. rich . People do not need yachts . It's frustrating to be a student , learning about global issues , try to buy fair trade products , but also buy from Wal- Mart , as it can make your life easier with their cheap prices . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you see in the future - I really want to know what a possible future world could be ** IF ** social justice movements happen to convince everyone to think globally and build small " empires of the citizens of world " , what will happen to the developing nations , and what will happen to the great cosmopolitan cities of the world trade ? I know that will never come true ideals , but do you think you could give a rational yet little idealistic situation where the world could handle ?
Dream world Vulpix/Ninetails and/or Poliwag/politoed for trade please?1blondie2012-08-12 17:12:03
I kind of want / need. need not even be with the special moves , as long as her ability dreamland .

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