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Baby Clothing Manufacturer in UK4Jocelyn2012-01-19 05:52:39
Hi, how do I find a manufacturer of baby clothes in the UK? I can not seem to find? Where I can find the details of the clothing manufacturer may also be able to help in the UK or abroad? thanks
How do i find clothing manufacturer/Manufacturer agents4SkaterMan422017-03-17 23:40:05
Hello, I launch my clothing line, but need help to find manufacturers that offer private labeling . I need a reliable manufacturer that can offer quality designs high-end clothing.
how do i find a manufacturer to make baby wear?1Lyndo2012-06-06 13:30:50
I am looking for a company that will make a garment baby clothes I'm trying to market. I do not order large quantities at first as I have to see how well the product sells . I have never ventured into anything like this before , so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Canadian Agent looking for clothing manufacturer0keven2012-07-30 11:55:02
Small orders of Hong Kong 's favorite quality, good , reasonable prices
womens wear clothing manufacturer for small orders1Adelaide2012-02-03 19:47:45
I am looking for a clothing manufacturer woman clothing to help me produce my dress from photographs . I am looking for someone who can give me a good price for the cost of the sample and the production of my garment.The amount is 20 pieces with a style I am looking for someone in China to Hong Kong. In the beginning , its a small order, but later we can look for large orders. I hope to find here a good workmanship and rectum. Best regards, Erika
Clothing manufacturer that can produce shirts similar to Affliction and Guess!1Omeristhebest!!! 2012-04-04 00:04:57
We have a clothing company and is looking for a manufacturer to manufacture our shirts , hoodies, thermals, etc. We would like to work short with someone who understands the trends and can produce quality clothing brands like Affliction , the monarchy and Guess .
Factory direct sale of foreign trade baby, children's clothing! Wholesale prices unexpectedly Oh!1CHEYANNE MARIE2012-07-10 16:44:02
The factory outlet trade baby , children's clothes ! Wholesale prices unexpectedly Oh !
I'm looking for a manufacturer to produce t shirts and jumpers for my clothing line with embroidered patches and prints1ALEX22012-06-29 13:05:02
Like clothing production flow chart (like clothing and customers participating companies kind of clothing)0Nieci2012-07-15 23:27:02
Like clothing production flow chart (like clothing and customers participating companies kind of clothing)
09 New Japan and South Korea clothing, Ruili clothing (wholesale clothing), invites wholesale! Factory direct sales, price! ! ! !1Pingo 2012-03-14 03:52:47
09 New Japan and South Korea, clothing, Ruili ( wholesale clothing ) invites wholesale! Factory Direct sales price ! ! ! !
Other companies have been registered trademark brand clothing (other than its name), I can be used as a clothing store in my name (Logo) it?1Marti2012-03-09 02:31:10
Only used for the name , not a shop selling clothes by the use of the mark
OY teach you how to identify scam clothing clothing wholesale site2jasort202012-11-05 14:46:02
OY will teach you to identify the clothing wholesale clothing site scam

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