Is it normal for a 15 month old to stop liking her father? related questions

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Is it normal for a 15 month old to stop liking her father?0Labiba2012-07-25 02:56:06
My daughter was abused by her father when she was 10 weeks old and since then he has had supervised visitation. She started to actually like him at about 9 months old. She is 15 months now and for the last 4 months he has been allowed to pick her up from me by himself and transport her back to his home where he is supervised by the family he lives with. Also, 4 months ago his supervision changed from "in sight" to "ear shot". The hours have remained the same for over 9 months. Well, about a month ago she started becoming extremely upset when he comes to get her. When her and I answer the door and she sees him, she immediately turns and tries to get out of my arms to get away and cries. I do that happy talk and tell her bye and you can still hear her crying in the car before they drive off. Now when other people do the trade off with the father the baby doesn't freak out, she just tries to get back to the person and away from the father. So, nothing has changed in the last year except the father is now allowed to be alone with our daughter (with the other people in the house but not in the same room or floor), so should I make a big deal out of this or is it something normal for her age to just want to stay with me (the main caregiver). Thanks for reading :)
Only one month baby, but a large appetite, eat every day more than 1000ml formula, normal? How to do it?1Yolanda2012-03-27 19:10:05
My baby was born a month , for not breastfeed for various reasons, has been for him the formula, but two weeks after birth , the sudden increased appetite , born a month , every day we should drink 1000 ml of formula , or unwilling to go to bed , the weight is about 5 kg now, is this normal ? The appetite is great Yeah , how?
If I lease a shop and say after 1 month the business isn't been successful and I decided to stop trading?0mehak2012-07-27 06:09:02
still I have to pay the remainding in the lease for the remaining amount of years?
Trading Xbox LIVE 3 Month Gold Card For a 2 month or whatever Runescape Card?0Tosin osemeobo2012-07-22 19:09:01
Im not a scammer i got my xbox live card for christmas but i want a runescape membership now but i have no money please
Henan shift uses an enlightened GPRS, apply for that month, is next month enlightened?1â¿´ benzyl wrong station 2012-01-17 00:53:42
Change in Henan uses a lighted GPRS, apply in that month, next month is enlightenment?
Stock Trading Question: What's the difference between order types? Market/Limit/Stop/Stop Limit/TrailingStop1echem2012-09-02 08:51:03
And what's the advantages and disadvantages of each?
If I enter a Stop Loss, and the stock drops below the Stop Loss in after hours trading, will it be implemented?2Agrim2012-10-16 16:41:02
If I enter a stop loss on a stock, and the stock falls below the stop loss after -hours trading, will be my stop loss will run, or I'll lose my chance to sell at a higher price?
Spot usd/cad is trading at 1.3850. Given 3-month US interest rate at 6% and 3 month Canadian interest rate at.?0Joyc2012-08-01 11:37:02
Spot usd/cad is trading at 1.3850. Given that 3 month US interest rate at 6% and 3 month Canadian interest rate at 4.5%. What should the 3 month outright rate for USD/CAD? Solve.
Father's Day gift Raiders1Sophia2012-02-28 19:40:48
In search of Father's Day gift < / strong >
What in Miami is there to do for Father Day 2011?0imurhero2012-09-09 07:09:01
This has become very difficult because I am no longer a child but an adult in my mid 20's . I have no idea what to do for him in South Florida MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hates Sports In his early mid 70s MedlinePlus Want to do something at home MedlinePlus No brunch or beaches MedlinePlus No trade , consumer programs (ie , boat , cars , etc ) MedlinePlus No concerts or festivals No MedlinePlus agriculture / animal related activities MedlinePlus Any ideas please help ! , I'm in a rock and a hard place .
Father had a cancer scare?1MIKE.2012-11-03 08:17:02
My father went to the hospital emergency room a couple of days with pain , the center of mass of your body making you feel constipated . The doctor said it was enlarged lymph nodes, what does this mean ? My mom is afraid that in the future can have cancer. It is a welder by profession and is therefore at greater risk of lung cancer .
Inherited IRA from father question?0seal2012-10-04 18:36:17
This may seem a silly question , but I know that there are different rules for the spouse who inherits an IRA to other beneficiaries . For example , only one spouse can make future contributions as the account can be yours. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is : If a father dies and his son is the beneficiary inherits the IRA - If the child decides to take distributions over their life expectancy is based only on account of the growth of interest payments or can place trades himself ( invest ) and make the account value grows over time ? If so , maybe the account was established trade options and stocks ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any insight on this!

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