How to do a computer screen on fire? related questions

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How to do a computer screen on fire?1susane2012-07-26 07:32:02
How the computer screen displayed on the TV screen at the same time?1Leslie2012-03-18 04:21:06
Originally with a VGA to TV with S terminal . Want your computer desktop appears on television , where the values ​​? You click on My Computer Properties or attributes?
Computer keyboard light does not turn black screen, can hear the sound drops into the system soon. But fans are not the computer off, unplug the power only.1Brando2012-05-25 20:52:08
Yesterday , the computer automatically shuts off the power, called black power to open the computer keyboard does not light , you hear the sound gets lost in the system soon. But fans are not the computer off, unplug to turn off only. In the end how ? ? ? Please help me to master ! !
My computer moves in close automatically suddenly machine, mains switch starts computer not, indication screen shows input without signal, seemed to be installed what makes it is not started1Gustava2012-03-07 00:02:36
My computer suddenly moves automatically close the machine, network switch does not start computer, the display shows no signal input , seemed to be installed which makes not started
Computer screen goes white0Shanny2012-07-23 08:12:02
Changing a starter on the target, and all you can not read.
Why not open the computer screen?1Ethel2012-02-14 21:42:25
Why not open the computer screen?
Why does my computer a black screen when boot1Edwii2011-12-29 08:23:03
These days usually begin the process of a sudden blank screen and click the reset button to restart, only good, so I do not know how it happens , tell me how! ! 1 Thank you ! ! !
How much radiation flat screen computer there?1 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2012-04-15 07:45:08
What radiation equipment flat screen right?
Powder-screen notebook computer1Leal2012-02-25 20:47:53
HP V3000 series laptop with a further three months year installed a few days ago , after the installation of software to learn Japanese and freezes the closing force of the computer and then open only to see the desktop screen was not the dust that rose from the root color of light of red roses across the screen is a color only to force close and then so far as a repetition of the problem is that this is a hardware problem ? Need to check ?
Touch screen notebook computer does not work, and how is it?1Dan-E DAngerously 2012-08-19 14:05:03
Touch screen notebook computer does not work. On the surface, and no hardware scratches. Is not the internal computer program is not activated?
How do I find flat screen desktpo computer?0PhysicsHelp2012-09-26 21:17:02
i need a flat screen computer desktop 250 pieces
VK900-screen slide and half the screen turns white, what is the line or the screen itself is the problem?1Humphre2012-03-08 01:12:22
My cell phone : VK900 just bought three months , but today I ran into a problem when half of the screen slides and become white, the other half is the animation of the normal screen , words basically not open the cover this problem occurs , consult experts in the end is where the problem occurs , the line? The screen ? or a virus? How I can handle this?

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