Invest car hairdressing: Big fish has small fish

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Investing hairdressers car : The big fish small fish is
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Investing hairdresser car, if you think so: "car is increasing, the industry must take a chance? Join in the store first opened, the treatment of market conditions to come, if possible, increase the strength Development "again. This type of train of thought, which I call the brigade who kill for "." Spoken parts in an opera, now "of the nationwide chain of hairdressing car a few" concept uses only fair. And the company begins to fry some exaggerations "car act the role of new flavor Cheyi chain stores," "chain joins hall," after all is a change in form but not content . "Spend your money, an investor of a few that I welcome the children," others have raised this idea: "car is increasing, this sector should have a chance? I people are capable of capable, well would to do? "Car is actually increasing, but investors have been analyzed seriously, is the amount of market, after all the attributes that you can trade? And that is capable of other people who are capable of? In addition to investing now, you are a successor, so that among others has the Successor to compete? Since June 2003, the Inn of the neighborhood barbershop every vehicle be duped as they arise and go up, every company also more hype flag waving exercise based on the very sum. Some reaches 0 the charge of "join in even replace the stock ONR 0 pay back the cost still decorate the method as" the exchange of goods of a purchase that they are not careful. In fact, they do not need to reveal too much, think carefully OK, sure, I feel how to calculate when you when you are at a disadvantage, took charge with respect to this, because out of the trap, not far some at the time, and mdash; - drop the matter of pasta without the sky. Out of these calls during bitter clover study sample the salon of each district vehicle for some tastes much foam, you can say not even a type of investment implied. Back has a very large risk involved. So far, the automotive industry has proven beneficial national brands salon without any business, participate in chat very hard for the actions of higher-level cards. Then, in the current car hairdressing company still built without real force itself flows across the country deserves to send the contents of a system, later called the support period is to be an armchair strategist only . You can see it in two with respect to this, hairdresser's car is interrelated whole nation Fry's fairer to use a concept house, the seat is used together in one money. Car hairdressing course of study is different from the traditional industry, content is plentiful and maintain characteristics of the service line of business at the same time, the channel of replenish ONR is Trival Stock Exchange and numerous and disorderly. Course of study of investment hairdresser's car dilettante, I have the feeling that you feel the mood of the final. Consequently, a large number of investors plans to participate in - think it is okay to have a mature pattern save worry save labor, labor of tens of thousands to participate in cost relative to all that is good. But it is not known but a lot of business together is when you run, those who join in the cost includes cost of using a mark, the mark to establish cost, the cost of the groom, cost of disposal fee, service is waited a moment, and you could not 't get really can mature in the local market making it operational. Also installed rent increases retail sales and inn room to decorate even wait for the expenses. Is awfull, the result that binds simply enters the terminal market, just to know, its direct consequence is the precipitation of large capital return period, the investment is long. Respect expected to meet every person to be enslaved to be enslaved in the value of channel development mode, fixed management position, type or types of products, which do not win - first-hand the benefits. Moreover, the place the terminal market competition is very intense. In any industry, the money from the terminal wins the most difficult. For this, you have enough psychology to prepare? This type is attached, at best is money "is wrong, no matter that the child" - attaches posed to others, the main client is the seat, but alone. The most important thing you have to do is an asset freeze your stack is stopped. And "some" foreign brand foreign chain is also the foreign patenting, however, wrap around the external appearance (fake alien card) only. Under current market conditions, invest heavily, you can not compare 4S shop, small investment, you can not work to go from house to car wash things with what is available. So hundreds of investors will account for 3 types of investment angle, the car is investment hairdresser as she walks into the problem of travel. A word that I often say to co-worker is "decide how benefit, so decided to expand latent capacity." And so, when I go to "unite all? I hairdressing repair quickly? I hired as a former inn? How much money should I take? The simple question ". I am the type of investment cent, of course, car hairdressing study of 3 types. The first type is the inversion terminal domain, is to wash the car salon, car, car to be protected quickly, maintaining steam and party retail. Retail sales are handled this type of investment. The terminal market competition is intense with each passing day, the friend who turns into steam to match must have personal experience. 10 years ago, it's okay to do to match steam only, and not mixed with steam to fix now do no more extension industry to live very difficult. Current terminal domain of the integral hairdresser car has appeared in many cities of the dimensions that the big fish has been caught in a current small series, the market may appear within 9 years of remodeling of the future. Regular Shuffle, each district holds any difference. The second is making the investment domain. Professional car market after the car is increasing, hairdresser's car stores in operation, including certain chemicals in cars and car hairdressing adornment high quality products, the production technology in miniature suits investments individual is ripe. Because the production style is fast, hairdressing article a few nurses cars still have room for some sudden huge profits. Current market hairdresser cognitive unmarked car is still strong, the manufacturing domain also applies outside the country on all standard. That this type of investor, is also one of good luck (ie the market goes up period characteristic of the industry). The third species under the resources invested in the industry. Two areas that tell and is well above that in the current club culture of some cars, the car is expected when the rating category of industry resources. And the third class investment modality, seek a kind of conformity with existing resources in the industry and advancing knowledge. In the reverse mode chooses to expand investment in the curriculum management of car hairdressing, in actual operation, move and huge investment of traditional commerce are different. The article in the course of study of the hairdresser's car a lot of presentations on a full and unrestricted powerful style, it is a bit utopian. A feeling of some in the friend of the difficulty of traveling blindly mixed normal is absent. The real state investing in regard to the hairdresser's car later course of study, the introduction suits an individual to develop, content that has the ability to maneuver. This is also my old address is carried out and think. The first class spends way: the open chain joins drive to the salon based in the first type of investment, the chain joins drive to the salon, which I call the top of the terminal. The jurisdiction of the common terminal retail is becoming red hot with each passing day. "From a knife" bayonet fighting is the place with higher mortality, not the price of sex compared optimal investment beyond. The investment must focus on the sexual price comparison. Therefore, in discussing investment mode, talking about the top of the terminal, car salon chain that runs namely self joins headquarters. What we advocate here is to establish this city or this car provincial hairdressing chain. You can solve a lot of malpractice hairdresser's car is well articulated and nation, can make the company enters benign loop, finishing redundant optimal investment and reasonable investment risk that separates you buy, and easy to second class, the way of the third kind of investment is patulous. Actual performance management should combine the current design status of different area. Is the car hairdressing chain to join in the seat and the investment of the store to run the salon of a car is essential which is the same, the biggest distinction is the industry standard differs with the administration. Must say this is the best way to invest car hairdressing course of study at present, this type of pattern develops funds be asked 200 000 left and right sides. The second type reverses way: open car hairdressing nurses like what goes into the factory coolie hairdresser car line of business to manage, which should include the issue of shares, inevitably. But I had to think about? You can produce your product and start the brand itself. This is likely, and not complex. The production of minor problems minor chemical production car basically talks about particular car here and adornment. Nurses in the tasting car, the press of the packet of materials is different, can be divided plastic and metal bottles with bottled two types. Product packaging includes the cost of installation of metal and construction of the workshop, and a plastic bottle filled with product type, adequate investment to produce small. This type of production, the investment required to install the equipment is 3000 yuan, all raw materials can be purchased at the store on the local chemical industry. Field makes an appointment with 30 square meters 100. Worker 2 ~ 3 people. Each district is the factory of plastic package has all kinds of bottle of that package to offer an alternative. The letter is also needed to add in the industrial and commercial bureau or handle individual license. After being being converted to end, the ability to inspect the office has a level on record, may appear on sale in the market. Direct production, $ 10,000 or so to start. In the investment market after the car, production car tested is independent hairdresser nurse under one species, since it basically is manufacturing mode of organization, be, and how selling more traditional sales apt. In the car domain management throughout the salon, you can invest to develop a project in itself already, hairdresser's car also can be reversed as the first type as articulated in the form of a complete set that bind On the election in a product that invests part of the proposed system products for vehicles of the boiler. Each car uses this type of product without a doubt, the waste of large gains in height, the rotation is rapid, tailored to the person doing the work of introducing poineering firm. Production process, also the process that a channel operator accumulates, on this basis can be put into production is particular car decoration, now the profit margin of manufacturing this type of product is quite good. Hanging, for example, decorate, cushion to lean on, the seats are waited a moment, this is what success will come when conditions are ripe. The third class spends way: Competition in the market for big fish little fish has car becomes red-hot with each passing day, the administration of the inn of hairdressing traditional car has not adapted to investor join first. Compete in the market, I find very quickly see the state has the big fish small fish, small investors are obsolete out of the office. What the falling profits of the inn's traditional automotive fokelore hairdresser is not so magical, the inn's traditional auto salon will face compliance. As a stage car race held in stages, the more standard market territory after the competition and aggravate developed car, the doorway to enter the industry also meets increasingly higher. Car hairdressing course of study will not always be business opportunity is infinite, time is good luck. The friend who expects to invest car hairdressing course study purpose should choose to take the opportunity from within the analysis. Business Opportunity favors only the head, which has been prepared.
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