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Should Dwyane Wade be traded?1Dempse2012-07-31 15:27:55
And if so , what team will take a grumpy old superstar 30yrs who is often injured and still can not shoot consistently 9 years in the NBA?
Who thinks Dwyane Wade misses being "the guy"?2Suzana2012-09-20 19:25:02
And that is why he got into it with Spoelstra because he questioned his stardom? I think Wade and LeBron need to be separated via trade, making this team the most disappointing in NBA history!!!
Chris Bosh > dwyane wade agree?2the awakening2012-08-11 17:33:02
Keep bosh and lebron, amnesty wade. Get allen/kaman and trade miller.
How is Dwyane Wade for Kobe Bryant a bad trade?1Kayse2012-11-04 20:44:02
Kobe would have the chance to win 2 or 3 more rings and Wade would have another man again and again in Bynum Shaq because Shaq arrived by the time the Heat was playing at the level Bynum is playing now . And Gasol could be fine version of Alonzo
Why do people discredit Dwyane Wade for not winning a Championship without Shaquille O'neal?3Agnes2012-10-23 09:07:02
The only seasons played without Shaq was his " rookie " season when he led his team to the second and this season Rd . Last season Shaq was a member of the Heat and when he was traded to the Suns , the heat was already sentenced to not make the playoffs . Wade is nothing without Shaq as Kobe without Shaq . Kobe has been playing without Shaq by " several " seasons, while this be the first season without Shaq Wade ( the operation of the Sun ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, unlike Kobe Bryant , I do not think Dwyane Wade has to prove himself without Shaquille O'Neal . It was Wade who led the Heat to their first NBA championship for the capture of " The MVP of the finals." Wade was "first-choice " while Shaq played " second fiddle " ... But Kobe , who has never proven himself as a " first choice " because he won every championship he played " second fiddle " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Indeed , he ( Kobe ) could have played " Fiddle third" during the 2000 NBA Finals . I remember all- star " Glen Rice " be on that team , while Kobe was still young. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, Dwyane Wade has had no chance to win without Shaq to cut the crap . AFAIK The Heat are still in the playoffs and have not yet.
Why did people really want wade traded?2cortnie2012-09-23 08:09:02
I was actually thinking about that for a time to look back in this series. But at the end of the day I refused to agree with my brain. Who brought us a championship? Who was when we were a lottery team ?
Would heat be better off if they traded wade??yes here's why?2lyh2012-08-21 06:25:27
The way ice see it, trade wade for humphries and other nets players , that way dwll stays. Let bosh get healthy , sign oden draft fab melo, cut miller and get cheap dleague guys who hustle. Then they will have size and depth.
IF Wade were to get traded next year, what team would he fit in with the best?2Antony2012-08-24 08:51:02
I know it's a long shot, but Wade was stacking on a computer already great , id like to see the Clippers Paul Wade Butler Griffin Jordan great line commissioning
How would Wade feel if he gets traded from Heats?3KIERA2012-08-20 00:42:03
If I was him I'd flip
Thought on these fake Heat fan saying Wade has to be traded?2Anais2012-10-05 23:39:02
Wow I am a true fan no matter what I will stay in my team dwade . The captain and the reason I started to like this team . You can tell how these heat fans ( Lebron fans ) are floats . MedlinePlus HEAT FAN SINCE 2008 MedlinePlus Trade Lebron keep Wade
Awww D-Wade blocked me PS: Rondo is better than Wade and Kobe?4melynda2012-10-22 01:32:00
The age of Kobe? Rondo wins. And Rondo is just a better player than Wade. Both the Lakers and the heat change their players to the rondo. There is no doubt .
NBA: Where is everyone that was saying "Trade D-Wade"?1Maddi Jane <32012-09-21 09:28:02
They were actually least when I say things like that you guys know I am not serious

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