Hi Friends,Planning to open a online trading and demat A/C with Geojit cud anyone give feedback abt service? related questions

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Hi Friends,Planning to open a online trading and demat A/C with Geojit cud anyone give feedback abt service?0Peter2012-07-24 11:24:02
Hello Friends , plans to open an online trading and Demat A / C with no feedback to service CUD Geojit ABT ?
I have demat account in geojit.is it necessary to open trading account in geojit or different bank?6lisaa2012-08-20 18:49:02
Are there any compulsory to give net banking user ID to open a demat & online trading account on SBI ?0Brigham2012-09-08 16:22:02
Is there any obligation to user's network identity to open a bank account Demat and online trading in SBI ?
I want to open DEMAT account for online shares trading.Which bank demat A/c will be best? I think SBI best?>?0AM2012-10-14 10:09:49
What documents should I bring to open Demat account ? Will test adress is the document necessary? ( I am staying at remote location where demat near a facility / c not there.I am going to Hyderabad for some construction and will open a c / well) . So please suggest .
Please tell which demat account to open for online trading?2Queline2012-09-10 16:08:02
Please tell him to open Demat account to trade online?
Do i need to pay commision or service charge 4 every single share trading transaction on a online demat acct?2Quincy2012-10-01 21:25:02
If I buy or sell any part in my online demat account what is the fee or service charge will I have to pay the bank where I opened my account . And how is it calculated .
Can a student on an F1 Visa open a demat (online share trading) account in the US?0BOSS2012-11-03 05:10:53
I suppose they should be able to, considering that overseas trading options are available to anyone, regardless of where on the globe they are!
Which is the best website to open an online trading (demat) account, for a beginner/layman?0help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-09-07 04:35:02
What is the best website to open an online trading ( demat ) account , for a beginner / layman ?
I want to open a demat account & an online trading account? with whom should i open it ?3shar2012-10-21 02:17:01
I want to open a Demat account and online trading account ? Who should I open it ?
I want to open demat + online a/c..Pls help?1Lori Alexander2012-10-16 11:48:03
i am a begginer..and a small investor..i m confused in selecting a firm with which i can have fast online share trading and which is secure and also whose charges are economical.
Friends online clothing store to open shop will go to promote several forums (collected)1阿富汗2012-04-12 03:07:02
Friends clothing store to open online store is designed to bring various forums (collection )
I have an ac with Hdfc , planning to Demat with rm, can i use hdfc ac as a trading acnt for shares. explain?0Bil2012-10-13 23:20:09
I have an action with HDFC Demat planning with rm , I can use ? Ac as acnt HDFC share price . explain ?

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