Is selling a stock then buying the same stock back at a lower price considered day trading? related questions

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Is selling a stock then buying the same stock back at a lower price considered day trading?0Janeille2012-07-24 07:49:02
I understand that buying stock then selling it for a higher price in the same day is considered a day trade. What about selling a stock bought on a previous day for a profit, then buying the same stock back at a lower price. Would that be considered day trading or not?
When is it appropriate to sell short a stock when you don't own it to buy it back at a lower price?2HAPPY FACE :)2012-10-07 03:41:02
I am new to this market and trade. It seems that with the instant news that I am at a great disadvantage with respect to upswings occurring at moments in time and are gone until the next time I do not understand the news fast enough to work and most of the market decreases in daily as I see it. I think I am better and have better odds of picking losers I winners. So if you want to make money, seems I have to sell short , which is actually buying it , because I have to spend money to sell short because borrowed shares at a price to another investor , right ... and then buy when people have enough of a fall that can make the money back on the road. Is there a time limit on short selling that is before you have to buy the shares back or is it indefinite ? For example, I think the shares will go underneath a bathroom insurance, can I can wait until I think the population is in decline is lower ?
Why does ZECCO make you wait 3 days after a trade to get the buying power back or more after selling a stock?0mely2012-09-21 14:05:02
Basically If I buy some stock and then sell it I have to wait three days before obtaining the cash balance in my account . Why it took so long? Is there some brokerage firms that give purchasing power away? ? ? ? ? ?
Are there tax penalties for BUYING a stock then SELLING with in a few days then BUYING the same stock again?1dumitru2012-10-25 18:34:03
I am a novice in stock trading . I found a population that is in a constant roller coaster of ups and downs . Are there tax penalties ( or anyone else who needs to know about ) if I buy low sell high one day a couple of days later and then buy the same action again a few days after that when it falls to a minimum and continue repeating the same process if the pattern continues up and down ? I realize capital gains for short term trading about 35 % or so ... Any information would be helpful thanks .
What's they key to trading, buying, and selling stock?2jam ie2012-11-05 09:36:02
Just do not understand . I remember watching Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd , and it seemed that the idea was to buy low sell high and I was just guessing and take a chance . I want to know exactly what the strategy is .
Since corporations are people would buying and selling them be considered slave trading ?5Trac2012-10-12 22:20:02
Since companies are buying and selling people is considered the slave trade?
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day, is that counted as one trade or two?0#OddKidd;2012-08-03 01:04:01
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day , it counts as a change or two?
What is considered illegal stock selling?0lobot2012-09-16 19:36:05
I've heard some people say about what is called " the sale of illegal actions " and I'm not talking about trading on nonpublic info ( insider ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think it's something like that does not really have the money for action , and that is buying and selling for a huge profit on the basis of what you think will happen ( as by spreading false information about a company to the public , etc. ) and if things do not work out as you would like , you will go bankrupt and has no money to pay for the loss of stock .. but if you do go your way , you will get very rich MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus im wondering how they actually work and why / how is it illegal?
What Volume minimum is considered DANGEROUS when trading or in general buying or selling stocks.?2Michelle W.2012-08-22 07:16:02
The smaller the volume , the easier it is to manipulate a stock NO? ? ? ?
In stock trading what is the significance of 52 week high/low ?How is it going to help buying/selling decision?4ELENA ROMINA2012-09-10 03:55:02
In the bag of what the meaning of the 52 week high / low ? How are you going to help buy / sell decision?
Why the stock price opens heigher/lower price when it opens next day but there is no trading in night ?0Cady2012-09-14 11:17:02
If depends on demand and supply , who sets the opening price of the shares. And how is it calculated?
I heard on the radio before the stock market opened, "stock futures trading lower" What does that mean?0gaile2012-10-12 19:59:21
I heard on the radio before the market opened , " stock futures are trading lower ," What does that mean?

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