Is there a trading software that allows you to automatically sell shares when the stock goes flat? related questions

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Is there a trading software that allows you to automatically sell shares when the stock goes flat?1lesego morone2012-09-17 13:52:03
So to say whether the actions of a population reaching a plateau for x amount of time could have a short automatic actions to make a profit?
Is there any software for trading indian stock market which gives signal to buy or sell?1Al Gore2012-09-15 21:33:02
stock market
I'am trying to learn when to sell my shares in stock but I don't know when to sell or trade and i need help?1faith2012-09-18 11:52:03
I purchased a stake in ShareBuilder for $ 4 per share and let sit Feb. 4 months and at halftime jumbed value of $ 4 to $ 11.84 I can sell now or should I wait for it to go higher because the intermediate time I've written before it went to $ 9 to $ 10.10 to $ 11 then again at ten and now is $ 11 more I do not know what to do , please give greater simplicity , and the best advice , so do not miss the opportunity to make money instead of losing $ $
Buy/sell signal commodity trading software is it worth to buy? any one using such type of software.?0Malika2012-09-30 12:34:02
what software is best to buy ?
Open about killing the webpage of poisonous software, the webpage is shut automatically, cannot download the software that reduce toxin namely, how to solve!1Justi2012-08-03 20:28:50
My computer virus became the medium, relevant data sought in the network , saying the star is that luck using " Orange Money" can kill, but may scan for viruses just can not kill, the star again that luck kills poisonous software use , but down without having to download again the method in the network. Bad drivers CD . How Do I? Who has any idea of the settlement. I do not want the refund system.
How do i sell my shares of stock i received as a grad gift?0mandar2012-09-03 12:03:02
My grandmother gave me 50 shares of Walgreens for my graduation last year , how I can go about selling 25 shares of it. Do not know what happened by trading stocks in my name.
I saw an infomercial that sold software which informs you when to buy/sell stock. What's the name of it?0CHEMBOB2012-09-25 16:02:14
Currently I have a money market account and a 401K , but personally I would like my money work for me. I would start dealing in stocks , but I have no experience in finance or commerce. For those of you who have already purchased the software / product is useful ? What is our experience ? Is there a device or service out there that can help me ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for your help! MedlinePlus - Yolie -
How do I gauge how many shares of a stock I can purchase or sell without effecting it's price?0sandra m2012-09-07 06:33:03
For example , say we have a value with an average price of $ 20 and the daily quota vol 1 m . That's $ 20th day infused into the action divided by 390 ( the # of minutes in a trading day ) it is $ 51,200 a minute hand that changes in that population . If I see an opportunity trading and want to buy $ 100,000 worth of shares minute how will the price ? Is there a factor such as 2X , 3X , 4X , etc , let me know how much more ( or less) than the dollar flow normal 1 minute you can successfully negotiate. Also, I use limit orders , so not only can put in a market order and accumulate shares for a few minutes , until it is full . This is a day trading strategy so the price is very important to me and many times I have to fill that minute . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help !
How can I sell some shares which are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange when I live in the United Kingdom?0thabz2012-08-05 17:10:02
I want to sell some shares in a Hong Kong company. When I bought the shares they were listed on the London Stock Exchange but some years ago they were removed from there and it is now only possible to trade them on the Hong Kong stock exchange. I would prefer to sell through an online broker as it is cheaper. I have the certificates. I am a United Kingdom resident.
What's the best software to buy for trading stocks & shares?1Lebza2012-07-11 12:42:02
Hey. I am learning to trade stocks and shares and would appreciate any advice on what software to use when trading ? Also , can anyone tell me the difference between Spread Betting and future ? Any other suggestions or advice for a beginner trader is greatly appreciated!
Will automatically pop up when a boot software I deleted this, this will pop up and why?1Kabul2012-04-14 07:07:09
And the network industry will open a lot of mesh trash why? Help What Big Brother Big Sister to help me .....
I'm looking for a stock trading account, with low flat fees, and fast transactions. I am an option user.?0Mongolia2012-07-09 15:53:04
What do you recommend?

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