I want to get good at trading shares but know nothing about it, whats the best first step, any recommendations related questions

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I want to get good at trading shares but know nothing about it, whats the best first step, any recommendations3mellisa2012-09-02 04:05:02
I want to be good at dealing in stocks, but do not know anything about it , what is the best first step , the recommendations
What is a good option trading recommendations website?0marica2012-10-21 07:14:00
I'm looking for some good options trading strategies , trying to make some money in the stock market with options.
Is there value in owning shares of a company or are those shares only good for trading?0Jessica102012-07-13 10:48:02
When you buy stock in a company you become part owner of that company. Is there any value to be had in that role, or are shares only worth something when they are sold?
How do i get a mentor, i need step by step coaching in stock trading , am willing to pay, any suggestions.?0Crystina2012-08-07 14:18:01
How I can get a mentor , I need step by step coaching in the bag , I'm willing to pay , any suggestions . ?
Whats a good line up without trading?0drwls2012-07-14 08:38:02
im new to pokemon diamond and im not finding many great pokemon, i have a monferno, murkrow and gyrados , i have no idea were to get good pokemon. im on the 5th badge i think now and the games getting on. i need to get more can someone help please.
Can anyone tell me the step by step to opening a trading account in Panama???0kyu2012-07-03 19:39:02
I need to detail the small steps for opening an account. I used to be a merchant , now looking to trade for myself. I physically trading in Canada, but will launch something in Panama to operate the e- mini.
Whats a good Forex trading system?1Breya2012-09-08 03:17:02
I just entered the online forex trading ... What is a good online trading system with profitiability good? I'm just a beginner, I do not know much about him , but I know a little, but I'm trying to learn as much as possible . Right now I just want a basic good trading system that I can invest some money and try to turn that into good sums of cash. Also one that has free practice accounts .
Whats a good website for online stock trading?0Connie (g/ma)2012-07-25 04:15:02
I live in Ireland and I am looking for a website to start trading , but not only from the Irish market.
Whats a good site to practice trading stocks?0lemon2012-08-13 07:02:02
I have a paid internship and take a few thousand dollars. I was interested in trying to win a little more for the trade of certain actions, nothing major, but enough to make my money work for me a little . problem is that I really do not know anything about it. There are good sites out there that use the real stock market , but perhaps the fake money and you can make your own portfolio of false ?
Whats better to trade FX with out of options, spread betting or spot trading? Whats best for UK resident?1TYRONN2012-11-04 21:51:02
Currently at the time of writing I am 18 years of age and I have been practicing stock, commodity and currency trading in several different practice accounts. What I have discovered is that I am best at currency trading and I make the most money out of trading that way. With stocks and commodities I have had moderate successes but I'm better at FX trading than anything else and I've learned a lot too. I also know that currency tends to trend long term such as a few months to a few years which is where currency options are best suited. Spot-forex trading on the other hand is traded on margin and is best suited to short term trading of the FX markets. I have only had practice trading FX in spot-forex and spread betting, both of which had a return of several hundred percent. What I would like to know is what is the best way to trade forex out of currency options, spread betting or spot FX, and which is best suited to a UK resident to gain wealth? Please help/advise. Thanks. P.S. Sorry its so long.
Whats a good trade to learn thats in high demand w/ good pay?0Wella2012-10-20 15:34:55
I went to community college to become an RN . but the nurse math, science went to intensive , so I decided that I should have my LVN . becuz rather think this trade courses is less intensive than going to a trade school for LVN , but had to leave and my loan was paid ( thank goodness) becuz there are some community colleges offer courses LVN told me . LVN nursing is a good field to secure my future or should I look elsewhere ? if you see a good field schools that offer home study or schools close for Victorville California im looking for classes that do not require you to take a loan stuident again, as trade schools
Is shares trading is good business?3Thomas2012-09-01 04:17:02
What is the most you can trade in the market?

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