Would the lakers of still won those 2 rings if? related questions

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Would the lakers of still won those 2 rings if?1Akram2012-10-14 01:21:03
They never traded marc gasol, and paul was still with grizzlies. So marc would have been there center. Intelligent anwsers only no trolls
What is the difference between tungsten rings&stainless steel rings?0yonny2012-07-15 13:43:02
What is the difference between tungsten rings and rings of stainless steel?
graphite rings and/or pure graphite rings made by Adtech02022-05-29 18:02:48
Due to its special physical properties graphite is perfectly suited for seals in fittings, pumps and exhaust systems, for example. High temperatures and/or aggressive media pose no problems for graphite rings and/or pure graphite rings made by Adtech. Since the 1970’s we have resolutely continued to further develop our know-how – to perfection. Our unique and extensive inventory of tools is unequalled anywhere on earth, putting us in a position to manufacture and deliver virtually any ring geometry requested by our customers and to do so promptly – in an industrial quality of up to 99.85 % and with a density of between 1.2 and 1.8 g/cm3. Pure graphite rings by Adtech are in use all over the world, protecting people and the environment from problematic media (liquids and gases). Whether infinite, divided or bias-cut: we produce graphite rings in a huge range of sizes. The outside diameters are between three and 1,150 mm; the height is totally variable. Our pure graphite products are available in a variety of typical ring shapes Typical applications of our technology include bonnet gaskets, sometimes referred to as Brettschneider rings. They are provided with inclined surfaces specified by the customer on the inner or outer diameter, and they withstand pressures of up to 700 bar. Our spherical exhaust gaskets are reinforced with a wire mesh and are used by many automobile manufacturers. 
Do you that the trade between the L.A. Lakers and the suns that steve nash will make the lakers a better team?1Tazz2012-09-09 06:49:02
Grizzlies Lakers trade: did the Lakers really get that good of a deal?4shikha2012-10-19 06:07:03
I think it was a fair enough , here's why : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - The Lakers give away much , Kwame Brown left in bag is bigger than you think , Kwame Tarding give away their $ 10 million in salary cap might have happened in Aquality free agent next year , not to mention that Kwame is a solid player that provides excellent defense and good rebounding MedlinePlus . ______________________________________
Who's better, 2003-04 Lakers or 2007-08 Lakers?6Haris2012-10-15 01:00:02
2003-04 Lakers SG: Kobe Bryant - Kareem Rush - Bryon Russell PG: Gary Payton - Derek Fisher SF: Devean George - Luke Walton PF: Karl Malone - Rick Fox - Slava Medvenko - Brian Cook C: Shaquille O'neal Coach: Phil Jackson SG: Kobe Bryant - Sasha Vujacic - Coby Karl PG: Derek Fisher - Jordan Farmar SF: Lamar Odom - Luke Walton - Trevor Ariza PF: Pau Gasol - Ronny Turaif C: Andrew Bynum - Chris Mihm Coach: Phil Jackson I think the 2003-04 Lakers are much better. They had arguably the best the 1 & 2 punch (Shaq & Kobe) of all-time. Including Karl Malone (arguably the greatest PF), Gary Payton (future HOF), a younger but experiened Derek Fisher, and others that's been with the Lakers for there 3-Peat run. Anyways, I'm just bringing that to you Laker fans attention. You guys are all hyped up about this Gasol trade. The Lakers were much more superior in 2003-04 and Kobe COULDN'T win with that team. So what make you guys think he could win with this team?
Are the Lakers management thinking of making A HUGE HUGE MISTAKE OF TRADING KOBE AWAY from the Lakers?4Elenny2012-11-04 12:49:05
Are they (Jim and Jerry Buss and Mitch Cupcake) trying to compensate for past mistakes , making the biggest mistake of them all? - The trade of Shaq at the time made ​​sense, because Shaq was coming in the form of fat and every year and he was more of a liability ... but knew it would turn right around and lose 40 pounds and get himself in shape in Miami (I've never done here) ... As a Lakers fan , im not angry about that because the trade that made sense at the time But there I've tried elsewhere than Miami for Odom / Butler / Grant ' s big fat contract as we tested starless return - Operate with a potential all -star Caron Butler and a good score on the PG Atkins for Kwame large bust and fat $ 9 million a year contract - Signature Vladimir Radmonovic 6 years 30 million - Continued Radmonovic after he got into an accident and injured his shoulder ... I should have cut his contract when it had the option . He never fit in the triangle offense to stay with him ?
Will the Lakers get a ring next season? 2010 Lakers bench vs 2012 Heat bench?0Gersy2012-07-28 23:08:59
I think if they get can get a solid bench they can qualify and make another block buster trade Lakers: Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Josh Powell, Luke Walton, DJ Mbenga, Vladimir Radmonivic Heat: Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Mike Miller, Norris Cole
Where can you get plain ear rings?1title noun2012-05-23 19:44:49
Where can I get the friction rings for the ears ?
How is gold made into rings?2., cold ℃ -2015-06-26 08:48:53
How did gold rings?
Lord of the Rings Online?0JessC.2012-08-30 11:02:06
im wanting to change my World of Warcraft account with a level 80 paladin and a bunch of lvl 40 + alts also a level 112 runescape accoun for a Lord of the Rings Online account . realized he 'd rather be in the Landroval server and be a dwarf , but if not well .
How much do pawn shops pay for diamond rings?1Quinta2012-02-07 21:06:45
How much pay for pawnshops diamond rings ?

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