GORE-TEX identification

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GORE- TEX identification
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GORE-TEX is good, but the country rarely get to the current standard production GORE-TEX manufacturers. It is necessary to explain how the test makers of GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX fabric manufacturers are also selling sewn with a special paste and adhesive tape machine section (sealing machine), no money as possible for GORE-TEX to buy I want to make a request in the manufacturer sent the situation of the company's production and quality of the product for one year, but a mark-up (96 years is U.S. $ 2 million), after GORE-TEX provide web authorization, tape machines and free (5 to 10) for production. To my knowledge, there were only two factories in Dongguan and Nanjing have GORE-TEX, a factory authorized branded goods produced are German, and then sold back (to the BIG-PAK is a family in Nanjing this, I do not think than to buy authentic German goods), the market saw more than one GORE-TEX garments from Taiwan. GORE-TEX to distinguish more easily the products, because the only GORE-TEX fabric manufacturers have not finished, so most end up hanging in the inclusion of a GORE-TEX on the left edge of the waist or in a small pocket GORE-TEX fabric label, while the collar is still true after the flagship brand of clothing brand, of course, hang cards branded clothing, sometimes three or more. Secondly, Function Wear all require 100% waterproof, so you have all the labels sewn (seal), high degree of wear stickers function are needed to reach the width of 20 mm or more, double needle alignment requires three (one for each car line pressure in the half plus one), to gain time to look inside a clear picture out, tape, like the weight of air bubbles in the flow around loose stools exhaust is definitely the white part of the field. Third, a very important point is to look at the needle of the car line, GORE-TEX stitches per inch, no more than 10-pin (very dense fabric tears easily), not less than 7-pin (not reach the effect is very small), which is very important when the inspection standards. In fact, the GORE-TEX is no big deal, and nothing but the first thing he did both waterproof and breathable, water resistant standard hydrostatic pressure by square centimeter area of ​​how much you can afford an hour the column MM water standard is waterproof and breathable moisture through the surface per square centimeter in 24 hours in the water, frequent GORE-TEX waterproof 3000mm can be 2000mm, breathable, while the Ministry of Health in Taiwan and Korea South, some manufacturers may do, even waterproof and breathable fabric 6000 of 4000, the price per meter in the knife between the United States 4-7, the quality is definitely there, the fame not only as strong GORE-TEX . The point is in need of special mention, GORE-TEX Ye Hao, Hao Ye other tissues, breathable fabric is achieved by a layer of rubber on the inside to make, most whites, who let out the moisture movement through this layer of material that reveals body for plastic (PVC before the end of the waterproof clothing is not through the gas), but the conditions of gas permeability are woven outer fabric low humidity! That is, if the moisture out of the clothing lingerie high humidity, moisture not only never did, but also infiltrated the anti-underwear! Of course, the appearance of a splash cloth (waterproof) treatment, the level is reduced accordingly. Therefore, only suitable for breathable clothing north of the relatively low humidity, dressed in Guangzhou, black hey, every day, the humidity is 85% or more, through what is the gas? Having said that, ultimately, a: GORE-TEX not superstitious, the tide not in the south through gas clothes time. When buying, mainly to see the list in the water indicates the number of undergraduate and permeability, to see if the dough is smooth strong tape to see if the car line, even ordered, the other thing, make no is important, unless you need to show your GORE-TEX trademark, you have to use GORE-TEX clothesline hangs the card to travel.
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