Ground floor to floor 2.5m long 2.55m high how the design of the staircase is only reasonable that the number of related questions

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Ground floor to floor 2.5m long 2.55m high how the design of the staircase is only reasonable that the number of0David Chaney2012-07-24 01:45:02
May I ask, a new house to shop wood floor, because for a long time not at home, will be uneven wooden floor has space for it?1Mamie2012-05-31 10:40:20
Very anxious.
(High) how interior design cad floor plan layout?1Esmeralda2012-04-18 19:47:15
1, the general plan should be drawn three to four, then ask: According to the standard national criteria for each image ? ( A specific number of AH ) was the best in Figure 2 , the placement of floor plans , furniture, such as the head of the bed should be toward the north, where ? So ... ... Now I'm going to draw, just do not know some very standard , like the label should be marked there. It is the position of the window or not marking ? Something. Help me get rid of you . Thank you very much , the best picture of hairOh! In the second I hope you success in your work!
Home decoration, floor, or choose a good shop rubber floor tile floor better?1 a Nan relic: I m resistance to Him. M ↖ xu 2012-03-07 19:13:14
Now renovated, the ground a lot of people are multi - tile, but I think the tile is too hard, too cold and the humidity is also heavier, luxury is not to count the cost of equipment installation by cheaper than vinyl shop ,ah ! Therefore, the tiles of the floor of the house, vinyl flooring that fits ?
Decorating the house, trying to pave wooden floor bedroom, living room and dining floor tile, installed so bad, In addition, the wood floor in good with that.1Octavius2012-03-06 22:53:38
Is preparing to make the decor, very urgent.
Rough ground floor decoration with leather okay1﹏ 1s. -2012-02-27 18:33:58
Rough housing , would like the terrain is very rugged in the process of renewal , it is possible that if you can , leather floors , the ground can not be the way to deal with it , what better place
Fourth floor decoration, interior paint fumes all day, sixth floor, we have very heavy1Virginia2012-06-08 01:33:19
We are old , long stay, but the fifth floor , renovated , our paint fumes all day interior , sixth floor , heavy , there is no vent window does not open , open the smell when you enter her, her family , from the decor to the air for several months , formaldehyde will not harm us , should do better.
Will the floor leather floor paint is cheap or expensive the area the same size?1Crystal2012-05-27 19:09:27
Does the leather floor floor paint is cheap or expensive the area the same size?
Bathroom and kitchen floor tiles, bedroom wooden floor, then what can pave the living room?0swallow2012-07-03 13:34:01
Bathroom and kitchen tiles floor , wooden floor bedroom, then what can pave the living room?
Ask: the floor at home because of the decoration of the issue, when walking the floor is always a voice; expert advice on how to resolve it?1Brett2012-03-20 04:24:08
Ask questions on the main floor of the question because of the decor , the floor is always walking with a voice, influence the rest of the ground floor, expert advice on how to solve it? Thank you !
Wide high-4.5M 25M 15M long workshop how to design lighting (energy saving, high brightness)?1Clemen2012-06-18 13:11:33
CNC is a workshop , mainly for lighting 8 of the machine , what type of lighting to use , how many lights?
My home should be decorated, hear of raise child the floor is pretty good, do not know raise child how is the sexual price of the floor compared?0natasha napier2012-10-12 01:29:16
My house should be decorated , listen son raise the floor is pretty good , do not know how to raise children is sexual land prices compared ?

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