Beijing obsessed with department store "high" busy "upgrade"

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Beijing obsessed with department store "high" busy "upgrade"
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Beijing obsessed with the department store "high end" busy "upgrade" "fashion update", "modified adjusted" Beijing 2007 issue of stores. Updated, by adjusting the search for new opportunities to support the weight of some of the old mall. Sun Dong An Plaza in Wangfujing, at the end of the correction remains difficult to upgrade, the Hong Kong Henderson Land 3 billion spent heavily to improve the Sun Dong An Plaza, the introduction of a large number of high marks range. Beijing Sun Dong An Department Store across the front, but not to make changes to the mall, but the internal structure of the old days of the trademark "big change" once the "civilian" market is now an international account for 42 second-tier series% marks. Beijing department stores in the highly competitive industry, the emergence of new shopping centers in recent years has accelerated the pace of renovation. After only 15 months, Sogo SOGO new museum launched a new update. Recently, SOGO boot program, the new museum and the museum will be the consumer orientation of men and women. It is understood that Beijing Xidan, Wangfujing shopping district Chongwenmen and other department stores, to the Friends of the department store, New World Shopping Centre, Pacific Department Store, Pacific Century many stores, shopping centers are represented by the extension update were not modified. This year some of the new upstart to enter the market department stores in Beijing, the most exclusive fashion show signs directly. March this year, with an area of ​​18 million square meters of Shin Kong Open, brought together more than 900 global brands, luxury lineup for consumers to experience the atmosphere of the brand in the world. September, with Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other international brands and Lane Crawford in Business Financial Center in Hong Kong, the shopping street, rather than rehabilitation Parkson stores Cuiwei luxury consumption of the Beijing representative of the western region. In addition, newly opened this year, more than a dozen major shopping centers are basically targeting high-end fashion consumer groups, Ka Xizhimen Mall, New Color rotary stores, Parkson, Metro City Shopping Centre and other new stores to increase the proportion of trendy Beijing department store. With increasing levels of consumption in Beijing, the modern transformation of the traditional department store department store has become a fashion trend, experts believe that Beijing will not only serve the local malls consumers, but also for many visitors from around the country to provide services to Beijing commercial development that has provided a huge space. But experts also said the department updated within the district to meet the target groups of consumers should not blindly take the line of high-end fashion.
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