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Deposit refund0Thakgalo sakwana2012-07-23 20:54:02
Dear Jack, Here is the response I received from his team of trade Ali Baba , after waiting for my deposit for 6 months! It seems that Ali Baba platform supports the same scammers send emails to resolve our complaint ! maybe you can help provide a forum for experts. Thank you very much . ************************************************** ************* Dear Sir / Madam, Thank you for your email. This is Kelly from online security department. I am in charge of your case now , as I said , please understand about your case , you're the one breaking the contract. This provider would like to return , however , as the raw material purchased , they can not do a full refund to you. In this case , contact with this company again and talk about things again. If you can accept the amount of the refund, we will try to contact the supplier for its new . If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. Sincerely, Kelly Online Security Department
The seller does not provide the goods, and later agreed to a refund, but have been delayed 50 days with no refund, the two sides have a contract.1Chillie2012-05-29 00:41:23
Cangnan a factory of the company and on February 1, 2010 signed a contract for the purchase , full payment of the goods of February 3, 2010 payment, the factory according to the February 11 deliveries, the result has been delay delivery has been delayed to February 25 or not delivered, the past that did not match the original factory, and later repeated in our insistence , the goods they had to say no to our money back to us . The results did not return was postponed until Feb. 23 so far today has been a month of 20 days. Contract amount is only 4,200 yuan. The two parties have a contract, but also sealed. It is a fax. Please help how to deal with good people. Thank you.
You deposit $1,000 in a long-term certificate of deposit with a fixed interest rate of 9%. How many years wil?0princess pink2012-09-07 05:49:03
please help my finance final exam . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. You deposit $ 1,000 in long-term certificate of deposit with a fixed interest rate of MedlinePlus 9%. How many years will it take for you to triple your deposit ? Choose the closest MedlinePlus MedlinePlus answer one . 11 years MedlinePlus b. 12 years MedlinePlus c. MedlinePlus 12.75 d. 14 years MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2.Which of the following is considered to be the most risky ? Choose one answer . MedlinePlus one . U.S. Government MedlinePlus bonds b. MedlinePlus mortgage bonds c. MedlinePlus corporate bonds d. MedlinePlus common stock MedlinePlus 3.Over - the-counter ( OTC ) , operations must be performed : MedlinePlus Choose one answer . MedlinePlus one . on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange MedlinePlus b. in the floor of the bag American c. on the floor of the Stock Exchange NASDAQ MedlinePlus d. None of the above MedlinePlus 4.Si the present value of an investment is $ 2500.00 and the time period is 12 years with an interest rate of 7.25% which would be the future value of this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 5.The current value of an investment is $ 2,500.00 and after a period of 10 years , is the future value is $ 6,000.00. What compound interest rate would be necessary to make it happen . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 6. What would the monthly payment of a 30-year mortgage at 8% interest , to borrow $ 290,000.00 ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 7.What is Du Pont Analysis and how is it used ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus grateful if you can help me . Appreciate it
Where is my refund????5Virgie2012-08-17 00:14:03
I placed an order on 11/28/2010 and I have not received anything more than a story . Mediation rules state that the seller must meet within 5 days after starting a conflict. Beem shaped over 3 weeks and still nothing. What 's the story?
I received the wrong product by 3O 500.00 PAID CARDS Newports And I received 15 boxes Marlboro instead tried to send them back and told me I had to pay for them to be sent BACK WAS NOT MY MISTAKE I decided to keep because the transport of Marlboro back to them would cost too much. Now your saying I WANT TO GET MY POWER Newports until the middle of next month I want is a refund of the balance.
Moped, my rights for refund.?2Demetrice2017-11-13 02:09:21
hello, my son purchased a moped 3 weeks back for
Cap and Trade: Do I get some sort of refund?3traxx2012-09-11 05:12:03
I have never had children. That means that there are at least least six people (two children, and grandchildren hypothetical scenarios ) that use gas , electricity , plastic products , or taking up space or resources anywhere. I think that, after saving that much of a "carbon footprint " so named , I have the right to bring my A / C all day and all night and eat beef much as I like . Do you think the government should give me some kind of cap and trade concessions ?
Refund Dispute from product never sent?0h2012-10-16 13:57:12
Online clothing seller never sent item. Contacted store and went to the girl assured me a full refund will be issued after a period of time and then he lied again and again gave me the number of owners . I talked to him . I said at least five times that will pay. Now , the whole situation is getting stranger including him talking about doing a favor to pay me back and has not had time to list all the possible excuses ... Livid im ... What I can do , the PayPal Buyer Protection expires after 45 days. Trading standards etc looks expensive and long-winded as his sole
Can I claim a refund if not satisfied with the results?0calnenaa22022-03-02 09:47:49
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I can not get a refund from the seller the money (I'm VIP buyer) Help me!3Alge2012-08-20 03:39:02
Order Number: 1004659147 The seller sends the packet to another city. I want my money. Help me !
Where is my refund? for Order Number: 10018486551ronda2012-07-21 07:37:02
Team, Its has been more than two months that my refund was approved and till date i did not get the amount back in my account. are you guys keeping my money? Please contact me on 00919845097707
Needs help from objective person on sample refund0sade2012-07-25 05:06:02
a client comes to me with the image of clothing design , and I did and sent them 2 times the price of production . however, not satisfied and request a full refund. I declined , as the sample even though paid by the sample, but they threaten to take her legal case with the case of bad sold. I dont really understand why they ask for a full refund , and insisted that money back again from processing the product of his drawings, it is not my product. I need an idea on this matter

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